A love note from a slave

fetish-drawing-girl-biting-handcuffsA love note from a slave:

The next day when You are gone,

I can still feel You.

I can feel the heat from Your hands smacking my ass through my jeans as I sit.

I can feel You biting my lip when You kiss me.

I can feel Your desire to see me cum still resonating in my pussy.

I can feel the sting on my face as if I were still there.

I can feel the control in Your hands when they’re on my throat.

I can feel Your excitement build from the noises I make.

I can feel Your power evolve as I react to Your control.

I can feel Your trust in me as I give in to Your will.

I can feel You grow with every new experience.

I can feel Your need to have me, to own me, to have me do anything for You.

I can feel that You need this as much as I do.

Days away I can still feel You

Touching me, changing me

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