Being forced to wear a butt plug

When my slave goes off to work, I worry about her sometimes.  I worry that she may think that she’s there just to do a job and forget that she’s first and foremost a sex toy.


Used with permission from shiniez. Please see his awesome page on “Now all we need is a tail”

jeweled-buttplugSo, to ensure that she is always aware of being a slave and that she is always toy for pleasure — I sometimes make her wear a butt plug to work.  Before she leaves, I lube up a pink butt plug and make her bend over, exposing her cute little butt hole.  I gently slide the butt plug up her ass, slowly, enjoying how it looks (and also, it’s kinda big as it is designed to stretch her ass a bit so she can easily take my cock whenever I choose.)  As soon as the plug starts to narrow again, her hungry asshole swallows it up and pulls it into position.

Then I make sure she wears a cute thong to hold it in

She goes off to work, filled.  Then, as she moves throughout the day, serving customers, she always has the sensation of butt plug reminding her that she is a slut. And she returns home, she is horn and wants nothing more but for me to remove the butt plug and fuck her ass.

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