Definitions #1

This doesn’t apply to everyone, I realize, but it does apply to me. This is how I define submissive girls…and I love them all:

A sub is a submissive– a girl who is willing to yield to the will of her master. A slave is a girl who is willing to give herself entirely to her Master — to sell her heart, her body and her soul to her Master so that he may have such cherished possessions to please him always.

A little, is a little girl…a girl pure of mind and heart who knows how to love untarnished by the bitterness of the world. She loves her Daddy fully and lives to please him. This could be a 30 year old woman who enjoys  pretending she is an innocent 11 year old.  She enjoys having no responsibilities nor power while at the same time has an open and loving heart of an innocent little girl.

A slut is a girl who puts sexual pleasure first at all times. A slut prides herself in how horny she is and always being able to think of a sexual angle to everything. A slut has a very dirty mind. While some people look down on sluts…I cherish them more than anything in the world.  I wish there were only sluts in the world — yet sadly, horny, insatiable girls are the rare and exotic gems that make life worth living.

A pain slut is a girl who gets off on being beaten and abused. She is turned on by spankings or being tied up and whipped — and lives for it.

A whore is a girl who is turned on by having her sexual services sold.  She might have to do something for a client in return for money — although providing sexual services to strangers for money is generally not my thing.  A whore might also get off on being paid for posing in nude photos or in a porn video — and handing every sent that she earns over to her Master (displaying my girl as a slut to the world does have much more appeal to me…especially the video shows off her talents as a sub.)

A gimp is a sexual fetishist who enjoys to be thoroughly bound so she completely helpless and unable to move.

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