There are many duties that a slave of mine will have and these will, of course, be subject to change at a moment’s notice depending on what I deem most appropriate.

A slave does not have a right to question any duties assigned to her but must attempt to fulfill them to the best of her ability. If she is unable to fulfill the duty, she will inform her master so that her behavior may be adjusted.

Here is a list of current and active duties and responsibilities currently being enforced with my primary slave:



  1. the slave must cum at a bare minimum of 20 times per day while looking at pornography.
  2. any time the slave needs to urinate, she must cum immediately before peeing, pee and then cum immediately afterwards. The orgasms do not count in reducing the number of orgasm required by rule #1.
  3. If the slave is rushed and for any reason unable to fulfill the orgasm requirements of rule #2,  then the next time she needs to pee, the slave will:
      •  cum
      • pee into a glass
      • cum again while drinking her
      •  own pee, cumming while the pee is in her mouth
  4. When the slave is at home, she will use a Hitachi Magic Wand to vibrate her pussy and cum while she pees into a bowl in her room.  This is to practice cumming and peeing at the exact same time –training her overcome the natural shut off of  the ability to pee while sexually aroused  While this is difficult, Master loves to watch this.
  5. When the slave is around her Master, she will. at least 3 times per day, spread and expose her ass and try to tempt her Master to fuck her her ass.
  6. Any time the slave is around her Master, she will dress as a slut with no illusions of modesty — she will be proud to dress a street-walking whore to remind her that her primary purpose in life is that of a fuck toy.
  7. Any time the slave is around her Master, she will beg to drink his piss. To do this, the slave will:
      • make her Master’s cock hard
      • blow him while he relieves himself in her mouth
      • swallow every drop
      • thank her Master for the drink
      • provide beverages to her Master so that he is well hydrated
  8. The slave will endeavor to make her Master cum at least 2 times a day as a bare minimum. She may use her mouth, ass, pussy or hands.
  9. The slave will not eat excessively and will be vigilant to ensure hear weight remains less than 110 lbs.  If she starts getting strong impulses to eat while risking getting to fat, she will take the hunger as an trigger to cum and she will give herself orgasm instead of food. These also do not count against the daily requirement to cum as laid out in rule #1.
  10. The slave will look herself as having failed if her Master if he elects to masturbate by himself rather that use her — and so she will do everything possible to ensure he always uses her.
  11. The slave will ensure that she is fucked in the ass at least 2 times for every time she is fucked in the pussy. For this reason, the slave must present a strong preference to anal sex as anal sex is all about her Master’s pleasure –and not her own.
  12. The slave will put serving her Master always as a priority and pride herself in always putting her Master first.
  13. The slave will give her heart to her Master and love him unconditionally.  It is her sacred duty to love her Master with all her heart.
  14. The slave will never, ever fake an orgasm. If she does, she will tell her Master as soon as she can that she did not fully cum as was her duty –she will do this no matter what she fears as punishment.
  15. The slave will never speak ill of her Master.
  16. The slave will inform her Master of discomforts and other bodily status changes so her Master can direct her accordingly. The slave, being possessor of the most accurate biofeedback will inform her Master of any impending dangers or risks she perceives to his property (since her body is his, it is her duty to help keep it safe and healthy.)
  17. bdsm-cartoon-tortured-slaveThe slave will brush her teeth every day.
  18. The slave will ensure, daily, that she is 100% hairless below her neck
  19. The slave will see any feeling that her body experiences as for her Master.  Any discomfort imposed upon her by her Master will be welcomed as a service to her Master.
  20. The slave will never look at and certainly never masturbate to porn containing girls with pubic hair.
  21. The slave will never masturbate to a girl with breasts larger than a C-cup.
  22. The slave will always ensure that her Master’s cum enters her body. If he cums on her, she will swallow it. If he cums  in her ass, she may be allowed to keep it inside her there, depending on her Master’s discretion but may be required to eat it too.
There, wow, 22 rules! I think that’s it. I’ve never actually written them out before — these we unwritten rules that have evolved over time as they came up. However, I will have my slave look them over and tell me which rules I have forgotten (we’ll see how many she comes up with!)

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