Family and BDSM

I would now like to take the opportunity to express my views about family and how slaves fit in.

While slaves  have a lower position on the totem pole I want to be perfectly clear: if you are collared, you are family. Slaves must learn their place within the family and how to behave around extended family and to help make this easier I wish to discuss wives, parents, siblings and length of relationships. Yet, to me, a collared slave is here to stay.

So first off, you can be a slave who chooses to submit to myself, the Master, as many have done before. This begins like any short term relationship. But if we are both extremely lucky, the relationship will develop into one where I wish to collar you and you will accept such a collar. I do not collar lightly. To me, my collared slave is my permanent property — and I’m no more likely to give her up than I am to get rid of my right arm.  A collar is a symbol of my permanent ownership and quite honestly, it’s a good deal more permanent than a wedding ring.

A collared slave is a permanent part of my personal family and will forever be treated as such.  While a slave does not have the responsibilities and duties of a wife — she has her own place within the family.  Just as the family dog and cat are very much a part of the family, so is a collared slave. Any new additions to the family will have to work with her — and will also have to do her best to get along with extended family as well.

My slaves are trained very specifically to include and embrace other girls — wanting and encouraging their Master to use her with other girls. There is no toleration of jealousy as jealousy reflects an incorrect mindset. Also, the presence of jealousy would show that the slave feels insecure in her position and that she fears being replaced — which simply is not an option for her and she deserves a purple butt for even letting the notion of not being with her Master enter her mind.

Slaves must get along with new slaves. This covers, of course, sexually. But I do not want my slaves to simply tolerate the presence of each other. My slaves must open their very hearts to each other and each girl will treat a newly collared girl as a new wife: their new wife.  Slaves must love and support each other more deeply than I would expect a man to love his wife. As such, I will establish this as the dynamic and relationship long before any new slave is collared — as she’s not just being collared by me, but gaining an entire family.

Her extended family (parents, sibling, aunts and uncles) then become my family as well and will be treated with respect. Her position as slave may not be formally announced to the family and they may wonder if we are going to get married or something — but the real answer is no. There is no need.  Also, my family becomes that of the slave and she will behave accordingly around my family and do her best not to behave inappropriately around them.  That said, around family relations, I have decided to relax my slutty dress code rules so that the slave may dress more modestly — as if I am having dinner with your father, I don’t constantly want to be reminded that I want to fuck your ass and I certainly don’t want to do it in front of him. Also, since the dynamic of Master and slave will undoubted make family members uncomfortable, this will be significantly toned down so that family members feel fine.

Now holidays can get more than a little complicated. Basically, it’s a balancing act to hit as many traditional family events as possible and alternate as appropriate from year to year so that Christmas Dinners etc are attended a frequently as possible –and no slave’s family neglected.

On wives: it is possible for myself to take a wife. I have been married once in the past (to a Playboy model and established actress — who became extremely ill after 5 years of happy marriage) and it could happen again. But any wife will have to be 110% supportive and accepting of any collared slaves in the picture as giving up the wonders of a slave for the marginal gains of wife would be foolish indeed.  However currently it seems much more likely that I would add more slaves and skip the burdens of having a wife.  Slaves however, may be allowed to marry another slave collared by me. This would not only establish an extra special bond between the girls, but allow for important benefits such as allowing one slave to immigrate into Canada from her country — and also allow for her close relatives to come to the country as well if that seems appropriate.

So as you can see, I have thought about this, and I have a practical approach to keeping my slaves within the real world.  A slave must be kept happy and apart of their family and home for the long term. A collared slave has a secure and permanent place in the household and her family will be embraced by the entire household.


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