Let’s talk about Gags.  This Master very much enjoys the power aspect of denying the slave the ability to speak.  She is forced to convey everything through body language: the use of her eyes, how she holds her body. To me, she becomes much sexier as she is just a physical and sexual girl — unable to express herself in other ways. It’s so cute to watch a slavegirl who desperately wants to get fucked spread and position herself in tempting ways when she is denied the ability to say, “Fuck me.”


 The First time I used a gag, I was 20 years old in a girls dorm room during first year of university.  She had a boy friend and I wasn’t that boyfriend. She didn’t want her room mates to know that we were “making love”.  It had to be quiet enough that she could tell them that we were just studying.  However as I was doing her on her side she was quite loud and verbal.  I am a pragmatic and practical man so I took her panties and stuffed them into her mouth to quiet her down and then held them in place with my hand.  It succeeded in shutting her up and it felt awesome for me to exert that type of control over her.  Afterwards she thanked me profusely for thinking of her and taking care of her needs.  In hindsight as I write this I now realize that she was totally into it and I wish I had gagged her every time before and after that event.

A gag is anything that covers or is inserted into the mouth to stop the person from crying out and/or closing their mouth, and in some cases even speaking.  Gags are generally small rubber, plastic or waterproof material, that incorporate straps that wrap around the head to be held in place. Other varieties include cloth, tape or leather strips that wrap around the head to silence the sub.  Cloth, such as the panties mentioned above, can also be stuffed into the mouth to effectively reduce the amount of noise the sub can make. Other gags can include rings that hold the mouth open or penis shaped or inflatable gags which fill the mouth — again reducing the sound that can escape the mouth.

One of the reasons I most enjoy using gags is the way it takes away control from the sub through totally limiting their ability to express themselves.  Instead of using words, the sub is confined to nods and mumbles to get anything idea across — which leads to them not interrupting nearly as often. I highly enjoy when they shut up. 🙂    The thing is, from talking to subs afterwards, I’ve found that they also enjoy having the control of speech taken away from them.  They find it highly erotic and it magnifies their whole submissive mindset — and so gags take on a symbolic value to the sub.  It becomes a symbol of their submission so that when they wear it, it is a physical manifestation of their submissiveness. Basically, whenever a sub puts a gag on, it triggers them to assume the submissive role — even if they are a switch.

Physically, once the gag is in place, the jaw is held open and it draws the attention of the sub to their mouth — which many find to be a highly erogenous zone.  Many gags also inhibit the sub from swallowing or closing their mouth entirely and so subs tend to drool with a gag in their mouth. Some find the loss of control over their own saliva to be humiliating as they feel it drip down their chin and onto their chest.  Other people enjoy the gurgling and slurred speech of a gagged sub, some people particularly enjoy inviting the gagged to speak — knowing full well they are helpless to do so.

There are many types of gags:

  • Ball gag: a ball made of rubber or plastic that is held in the mouth with straps
  • Bit gag: a horozontal rod that the sub can bite down upon just like a horses bit
  • Cleave gag: a strip of cloth that forces the sub`s mouth apart and pulls into the cheeks


  • Forniphilia gag: a gag that attaches an object to a person’s face for purpose of humiliation. For example, a toilet brush, ashtray or dildo
  • Funnel gag: a gag with a funnel on it that is useful to force fluids into a sub’s mouth — this is especially useful in golden shower play
  • Harness gag: a gag that has a head harness to hold it in place
  • Inflatable gag: a gag that is placed in the mouth and then inflated, usually with a rubber bulb pump, so the mouth is filled with the inflated object
  • Jennings gag: a medical device made of steel that forces the mouth openspreader-gag
  • Knotted gag:  a knot, usually of cloth or rope, that fits in the mouth like a ball gag
  • Medical gag: a common term term for a Jennings gag (see above)
  • Mouth corset: a gag that takes the form of a corset or extends up from an actual corset
  • Muzzle gag: A leather cover that forces the mouth to stay closed using  straps that wrap around my head
  • OTM (over-the-mouth) gag: A cloth or strip of tape that covers the mouth, sealing it. Not so effective unless there is some cotton stuffed in the mouth first
  • Pacifier gag: an over-sized pacifier like those used for infants, that is useful in ageplay
  • Panel gag: A panel, usually leather, which holds a square panel in place over the mouth with straps — sometimes a ball or penis gag is held in the mouth with this panelpanel-gag
  • Penis gag: A fairly short dildo that goes inside the mouth, forcing the sub to suck upon the rubber cock
  • 2 penis gag: The small end goes in the mouth. The large end is used as a Forniphilia gag.
  • Plug gag: a usually rubber stopper of sorts that fills the mouth of the sub while being held in with straps
  • Ring gag: A ring, usually metal or coated metal, that is inserted behind the front teeth of the sub to keep their mouth open.  This is especially useful to take all control away from a sub during a blow job.  The only issue witha  ring gag is that it can be easy to flip in the sub’s mouth
  • Spider gag : Is a second generation ring gag with small metal bars extending from the ring to stop the wearer from flipping the ring horizontally in their mouth’
  • Stuff gag: Is where a ball or wad of cloth or some other soft material is stuffed into the sub’s mouth
  • Tape gag : Wear a gag is made out of tape usually duct tape or medical tape to cover the sub’s mouth
  • Tube gag: Is a gag made from stuffing a tube into the sub’s mouth to hold their mouth open
  • Whitehead gag: is a dental device designed to hold the sub’s mouth open.  It is made from metal and doesn’t come with any padding, so care must be taken when it is being used to protect the sub’s teeth from being damaged. The main difference between this and a Jennings gag is it has two rachets in front of the gag which hold it open

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