Going down on a girl

lesbian-orgy-cartoonGoing down on a girl is an important skill that we think every body should learn.  Oral Sex is an important part of any physical relationship  and knowing how to give good head or face goes along way with many people.  Formally it is called cunnilingus, many puns are made about “Cunning linguists” for communication is a very important part of cunnilingus.  Personally I very much enjoy eating pussy and am happy to try and pass on what I have learned about muff diving. And, of course, I expect any and all slaves of mine to practice this on other girls and to be really, really good at it also! So here are my five rules for going down on a girl:

1.  Be Prepared: Way before anything happens, make sure your nails are groomed with nails cut short and no dirt under them. Wash any dirt of your hands because very few girls go for the hobo look.  Now, before going down on your lady friend (regardless if she has been your lady friend of 20 minutes or your wife of 20 years)  You have to warm her up, unlike guys who are ready to receive a blow job pretty much instantly.  Women respond better on average to being physically romanced through passionate kissing and caresses all over their bodies.  Some classic pieces of advice are “Work from the outside in” and “it’s better to be slow and steady than fast and furious”.

2.  Be Comfortable:  You are most likely going to be there for a while (unless your a biter)  So it’s important that both of you are comfortable and warm without being over heated.  When a women sits on a mans face he has to make sure that he can breathe easy even if she moves around a little while on top of him (this is especially important if any type of bondage is being used to restrain the man).  As a man with the women lying on her back you might be tempted to through a comforter over your head when you go down there, this can lead to serious over heating and lack of fresh air.  Don’t arch backwards too far or your back may get sore and force you to readjust your position at a critical moment.  Also if you are ever around carpet, be careful of cock-rug-burn as it hurts and could inhibit future performance.  For women, sometimes it’s best to have a blanket to stay warm.

3. Don’t rush:  the goal is not to see how fast you can get your tongue on her clitoris, but how good you make her feel. It isn’t a race and better, the more she enjoys the total experience, the easier it will be to make her cum – and cum and cum. So relax and enjoy the entire sensual experience…it’s not like her hard-on will go down or anything. Just be comfortable and enjoy: she will pick up on it. Remember, the goal is not to make her cum, the goal is for her to have a good time.  Some girls feel pressured to cum and feeling rushed makes her stressed. Besides, it doesn’t matter if she cums as long as she has a good enough time to invite you back to her bed.

4. Communicate with her about what she likes: You’ve gotten this far, now ask the expert: calmly ask her what she likes. Some women will know exactly what they want and you  have to make them comfortable enough to actually tell you — by being non-judgemental and accepting. If she tells you something she likes,  do it. Better, remember it for next time.    Other women may have no idea or limited experience and don’t honestly know what they want.  Usually, in these cases, you can try a variety of techniques and see what she responds best to. Sometimes women want you to experiment and are really curious to try new things, for example, sticking a finger in her ass.  make sure you ask her if she likes fingers inside her vagina or if she just prefers tongue on her clitoris.

5. Get to Work:  You have warmed her up and she has told you what she likes so now it’s time to deliver the goods.  Remember this isn’t a rush delivery take your time, maybe kiss neck, suck on her nipples a little or lick her around her thighs.  Build her anticipation of your coming tongue on her clitoris.  Rub your hands over her body, while you make your way down to her vagina.  When you get down there remember that all clitoris’s and vagina’s are different, stick to what she told you to do and you will be fine.  But remember that what she told you she likes can change without notice at any moment so be prepared to improvise.  You should know whether or not she likes fingers inside her.  if she does stick one or two fingers inside her and make the come hither motion on the roof of her vagina to stimulate the G spot.  If she doesn’t know what she likes there are three basic techniques for three different clitoris types.  The first one is the angry clitoris type that needs to be punished with as much tongue as possible with fast and powerful licks till fruition.  The second type is the soft and lazy clitoris that just wants lazy giant doggy licks steady, simple, and easy.  The third type is the hypersensitive clitoris that just wants tiny teeny little licks and motions; the key with this one is to move slowly and be on the right spot, it’s all about accuracy.   One last point if the girl you are going down is getting more and more excited without moving around JUST KEEP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING!  If she is moving around and grinding her hips, she is usually trying to get you to move to the “right spot” with out having to tell you “hey dummy it’s a little to the left”.

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