How to Win My Heart (a guide for slaves)

bdsm-cartoon, bound-slaveBe open and available to me, non-judgmental  and pure.

Have a wicked sense of humour.

Be insatiable and hornier than 20 women.

Love from the heart.

Never once have a single pubic hair in your whole life.

Be filled with delicious submissiveness that fills your every pore.

Have no idea how to say, “No”.

Be highly intelligent.

Be warm and innocent.

Be as perverse as a convicted pedophile priest and yet as loving as a saint.

Feel best when you are tightly bound by my ropes.

Love like a young teenager who has never been hurt.

Share your porn.

Share your drugs.

Be a hedonist and love to dance.

Be thin and pretty as I love to have arm candy.

Remember the things I forget yet forget any minor grievances.

Cuddle me morning, noon and night.

Play video games with me.

If I get too distracted by games: spread your ass cheeks to remind me that I love you.

Masturbate frequently and tell me about it.

Make obscure jokes.

Find the perfect fame girl or JO or both.

Mix me drinks that are way too strong.

Laser off and predominantly remove your pubic hair.

Live to be tied up by me.

Prefer anal sex.

Love love love to dress up as a slut.

Be proud of being a slut for me.

And  put my collar on your neck and wear it proudly forever.

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