The Top 10 Reasons to Love a Slut

cameltoe-bikini10. Because you are fearless. Will you take off all your clothes on our first real date, climb up on those sharp rocks way up there and let me take pictures of you on a busy public street? Will you ask some strange guy in a bar to take pictures of you with a dildo up your ass on a motorcycle so you can send them to me. How about letting some random girl with a broken leg fuck your ass with a strapon for a picture? Suck me off in the parking garage by your school? Yes. Yes you will. And I appreciate that. You are Star Trek Level Fearless.

9. Because you are kind of slutty. Who am I kidding, you are perfectly slutty. I still haven’t found the thing I honestly can’t do with you and I love how open you are to trying things. If I come home with an object, person or idea today, I’m sure I can have it up inside you as soon as I show it to you. And that’s where it belongs. No matter what it is. Yes, you’re a crazily horny girl who always wants sex and is good to go — and I fucking love that about you!!

8. Because you easily forgive. On the extremely rare occasions when I do something actually wrong, I apologize and you say you love me and we fuck. You don’t hold grudges against me and I can tell. Honestly I can’t stay mad at you, either, but that may be because of reasons 10, 9, 6, 5, and 4. I’m a male who’s is deeply in love with you sluthood.

7. Because you have different sides. Sometimes I can whip you with a belt and pretend that you’re my boss’s wife and he just fired me and I have to work you over for revenge. And sometimes I can bring someone home and you will help me fucksaw them and ride their faces while I fuck them. And sometimes you will have slow sex with me, staring into each other’s eyes. You are everything. You are like the less fucked up sex version of Sybil.

6. Because you have really good parts and know how to dress them up. Really very good parts. And some of them you can’t even see. I think it’s a shame that you are the only person in the world who can’t see your ass while you are walking around in a thong. Yes, everyone knows this, too, because of #9 and #2. But you are a slut devoted to showing off your beautiful body in the tiniest clothes.  Sure, your bikini has 95% less coverage than a usual one…but how else will everyone on the beach know you have not pubic hair? You wear corsets like the queen of slutdom and dresses that stop cars on the street with guys willing to pay. Your ability to dress like a total slut at all times reminds me constantly of how much I want to fuck you.

5. Because I can bring anyone I like home and never have to convince them to play with you, too. It’s not a hard conversation. Everyone hopes you are home. “Do I get your slave, too?” Yes. Why wouldn’t I include you? You’re so sexy and would always make things better. And anyone with low enough standards to fuck me will just be overjoyed that someone like you comes as a condolence prize. Besides, I know that you’re a slut at heart that needs girls too..and girls need you. So everybody wins!

4. Because you are looking out for me. You always look out for people I would find attractive. And you know me. You would never let someone go by that I would want to fuck or beat up, abuse or use without trying to figure something out. In the vanilla world, they don’t have girls like that. They have bowling and poker night.

3. Because you use porn and share. So I get to see what you like. It’s like a manual for you. I still haven’t figured out how to turn people into cartoons with tentacles in every orifice and schoolgirl skirts ripped off by multi-headed penises but I am working on it. I remind you that it’s only in a cartoon that severed organs grow back.  But the fact that you’re addicted to porn and use it daily is so damn hot! Every time I ask you what you’d like to watch and you throw on some gorgeous naked girls…my heart melts.

2. Because you photograph well. And I love taking pictures of you. You are inspiring and make me think artistically. Every picture is better with you in it. That stupid dog picture of them playing cards on velvet would have been better with a naked you in the middle of it. American Gothic? better with you. And if you were riding Mona Lisa’s face, it would be a real masterpiece.

1. Because you cum for me. Every orgasm you has is more proof of your devotion. You haven’t cum for yourself in the longest time.  That would be selfish. No, every single orgasm you have is for me and me alone.  Babe, I am addicted to your orgasms and need them. Seeing you cum is the best thing in the world. Which is why I love you — you’re an exhibitionist slut that needs to cum in front of me many times a day.

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