A Day in the Life of a Slave, Part 1

[Continued from A Slave is Beaten]

Ashlie woke up to find herself spread eagle, bound to king sized bed with leather cuffs with ropes attached to metal rings. Beside her, her Master slept naked while spooning his young Japanese slave, Special K. His back was touching her. She was tied tight and unable to move. Still, she felt nothing but joy seeing her Master spoon his little imp. They both looked so happy and peaceful sleeping together with her in his arms.

She thought over her body: how was completely unable to move and this caused a warm glow within her. She thought about it, why it felt so warm and realized that, despite the mild discomfort, it felt safe. Rather than feeling any twinge of jealousy that her Master is spooning another slave, this added to the warmth she felt. She was both safe and proud. Her Master had bound her lovingly the night before because he didn’t want her to get away.

Not that she ever wanted to escape, but if she did, her Master would hunt her relentlessly. If she moved thousands of miles away and  evaded him for years…he would eventually track her down and…

She thought about it…and rescue her. Rescue her from the mundane and boring life she’d built without him. And omg, would he be pissed! If she was unable to serve his fiendish desires for years? Such a volcano of anger and perversions would surely be released on her for days, no weeks on end.


Now she wanted to touch herself. But her hands were firmly held by the ropes and the thick metal cuffs holding her in place. Already away for several minutes and I haven’t cum, she thought. She looked over at her Master again. Then her eyes drifted to Special K.

Special K was indeed a little imp. Weighing barely 90 pounds she was a short yet well proportioned Japanese hottie. Her cute sleepy face full of innocence. Her long, straight black hair so shiny and pretty. And as soon as Ashlie’s eyes drifted to her body she cursed the bonds preventing her from rubbing her clit as examined her delightful body.

Master had trained her well. Whenever she saw a naked, slim girl — she had to touch herself. Ashlie prided herself in the number of orgasms she’d given her Master. She did a rough calculation her head but couldn’t believe the result. The number was too high. If she started off a blog entry stating such an impossibly high figure, her Master’s readers wouldn’t possibly believe that the number was real. But it was very real. She’d been thoroughly trained to be a cum slut — she smiled with confidence that she was on par with and could hold her own with sex slave in history.

She managed to gently nudge her Master. She needed to subtly wake him if he was to free her hands so she could cum. But alas, she was stuck. And he slept some and she was forced to repeatedly flex her strong PC muscles while she rocked her hips…imagining that he was fucking her.

Suddenly she felt guilty. She was imagining him fucking her bare pussy. And god did his cock feel good. But she should have been imagining him fucking her ass. But it was this cursed position: spread eagle on her back. Not exactly the best place to have your ass penetrated.

Instead, she modified her fantasy in her head. She thrust her hips back and forth while squeezing her pussy muscles but now her pussy was now being filled by thick purple strap-on dildo worn by Special K.  Her pussy was literally dripping as she thrust and dreamt about being filled by this sexy addition her their lives.

And yet still…she couldn’t touch herself. She was bound. Safe. Awaiting her Master to awaken.

[To be Continued]


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