How to Be Kinkier

A little while ago, a friend and well known Dom in the community asked me if he could use my slave to photograph for a book that he was writing. Since his previous book sold very well is pointed to as a good beginner’s guide to BDSM (Nina Hartley is a huge fan of his first book, How to Be Kinky) — and I wanted to help him out — so I agreed.  Besides, his first book was extremely well written and an excellent guide for safe, sane, consensual play.

[on Nina Hartley:  she is a veteran porn star, director and official smartest woman in the industry whose intelligence and articulacy has been instrumental in legitimizing the role of women in porn. She is a sex educator and a sex-positive feminist who’s been a household name since her first movie Educating Nina exploded onto the scene in the 80s, and has used her fame to shift the idea of female sexuality from passive to active.
With a massive range of films behind her and a current line of instructional videos explaining and showing everything from anal sex to bondage, Nina is very much active in the industry and as the author of the best-selling Nina Hartley’s Guide to Total Sex.]

The photo shoot itself was pretty hot. I attended, of course, to ensure my slave’s safety. Her makeup was done by a girl whom I’d least seen wailing away on a fit young man with some rather vicious sticks…Thai sticks of some sort (we chatted about that as she did my sexpet’s makeup.)

                                                      a slave that’s in the book.

The shoot was being done in a photo studio but, being also part of the kink community, had some rather interesting guests — for example I had a long chat with the folks from Kink Engineering ( about using laser cutters to make latex outfits.   The place was filled with hot little subbies wearing latex and corsets and I appreciated the eye candy.

Of course, Morpheous, the author of the book, was there — though he had a fair amount of travel planning doing workshops and giving courses on BDSM.

Prior to my sexpet’s shoot, several girls were going at it for the camera and I found this a bit too much to sit idly by doing nothing. So I pulled my sexpet aside into a fair sized closet and gagged her with my cock as I loosened up her asshole in preparation for her shoot.

I remember getting close to cumming down her throat when we heard them calling for us: it was time for her shoot.

The shoot consisted of 2 other girls fisting my little sexpet and I was very proud of her — she looked nice and pretty with one girl with her fist in her pussy while another hot girl had a fist in her ass.

If you’d like to see her in this shoot, you can buy the book here, it’s called How to Be Kinkier: More Adventure in Adult Playtime.

Having trouble getting this preview to work,
but the link is from the Amazon page and it has a preview.

Afterwards, her shoot, there was a couple doing fire play that was really hot to watch… and I thought it was cool that there was photographer there capturing the event.

P.S. Speak of the devil! As I wrote this, I got a message from Morpheous. Ha ha.

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