I have know for quite some time that I was, to the core, a
delightfully perverted hedonist.  Well before high school I had
developed a keen interest in the sexual arts and all the wonderful
varieties of pleasure.

But I surprised even myself when I discovered I have a taste for
something that others are frequently repulsed by: amputees. You
see, I am definitely aroused by a certain type of amputee…
amputees that were either born with or somehow lost a limb and were
left with a phallic stub.  So amputees that have completely lost an
arm and have nothing left but a shoulder do nothing for me.  But
those that have a giant smooth dildo as an appendage are damn hot!
How can the above image be anything but sexy?
Note: this girl is definitely not photoshopped.
Her other leg is normal. And she is bi! <3

To me, it’s as if got said, “Girl, the purpose of this arm or leg is
for sex and sex alone.   If you wish to walk or hold something with
your limb…you will need special equipment that I am not providing.
However, I want you to be fully hard at all times, without Viagara
— you may be a girl, but you are more suited to penetrate and fuck
than any man on the planet.


I must admit, the longer, thicker and more dildo shaped the
appendage is…the hotter I find it.  Girls that have a dildo in
place of hand…well goddamn….it’s obvious that they were simply
meant to fist all the damn time.


The very first time I saw an amputated limb it was so clearly a
dildo to me that my eyes went wide with excitement…and yet I knew
that few others would be perverse enough to fully appreciate
it…thinking these girls freaks instead of ultra rare sex

Now I must admit, there is also some perverted appeal to me in these
girls, submissive slaves really, having a disability that makes them
less able and therefore weaker in real life — and more submissive
and feminine to me. Of course, amputees also have a harder time fighting off advances too! lol.   If the girl has a disability that makes her
more suited to sex than another other task in life…well then she
should be collared as soon as possible and put to work.  (Note: the
only other disability that I can think of that I find to be as hot
would be a girl who is unable to speak (a mute)…so that she can
follow my orders without talking back but never ever needing a gag
to shut her up!  Ha ha.  Of course,  would be more suited as a sex
slave as even though I don’t need to gag her, she is silent and yet,
unlike any other girl, she can perform any oral duty without
enabling her to speak.)

So yes, I am most definitely a pervert with unusual but deep burning
tastes.  But this is the first time I’ve admitted to such things in
writing. I guess it’s a knowing that I would be judged by others for
such unusual tastes that some would find repulsive or highly
problematic in a mate.  Yet my view on mating leans heavily towards
slaves. And a slave girl who is unappreciated by others and judged
by society in general…we fuck them…I find these girls vastly
more appealing and desirable than a common girl.  Hell, I just wish
I knew where to find such girls! They are so damn rare they are much
more valuable than diamonds! Being both a submissive sex slave is
wonderful enough, but a slave slut who also possesses an uber rare
attribute that makes her sooooo much better and valuable as a slave
slut….well, that’s the best thing ever.

So if you know where to find such a girl…please let me know and
have her message me asap! I’m looking.

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