Anal Sex

It’s funny, when I first fell in love with anal sex it was through
porn as I was with a girl who didn’t want to have anything to do
with it — she said she thought it was ‘dirty and nasty’.  Well, I
have to agree with her. It’s dirty and nasty and I love it!

I now find assholes to be much sexier than pussies…maybe because
I’ve fucked more asses? I dunno.  It’s not that I don’t find pussies
sexy… a bare, completely shaved pussy is one of the prettiest
things I can imagine.  Still, if i had my choice, I’d always fuck an

Anal sex feels more intimate to me.  It’s more intense and needs to
be done properly by someone who knows what they are doing.  And
ultimately, for me, it’s a more submissive act and that’s why I
prefer it.

A slave should never feel like she has control over her body. Her
body is for giving pleasure to others, as THEY see fit. So she must
learn to SERVE.   It’s not about her and her pleasure.  It’s all
about pleasing me.  Luckily for her, I love love love to see her
orgasm and so require it from her.  I will not hesitate to beat a
slave for withholding orgasms from me.  (Of course, this is nowhere
near the fierce beating she’d receive from faking an orgasm — a
capitol offense and one of the worst sins she can commit.)   So all
of her holes must be freely available to be used as her Master sees

And so this Master enjoying ensuring that she truly knows how to
please with her mouth and her ass and, if she’s lucky, with her
pussy.  I realize that anal sex is more difficult for her…and that
is part of the reason why a slave needs to be trained so she can
eagerly provide such services at any time.

Now anal sex can get very dirty and nasty as my ex gf pointed out.
I mean, there is a practice known as ass-to-mouth where a Master
pulls out of a slave’s ass and forces her to taste the inside of her
own ass by licking and sucking his cock. He then repeats this,
fucking her ass again with her saliva as lube then making her taste
her ass of his cock.  Of course, this can and should be done with a
couple of slaves so that they can experience
ass-to-other-girl’s-mouth as well as licking each other’s assholes.

The reason I enjoy this is it is a great way to test a slave’s
devotion.  A slave that hesitates or, god help her, refuses to lick
a cock covered in ass juice is in need of much more training and
discipline.  And it’s really hard to fake the responses of a fully
trained anal slave who leaps at the opportunity to SHOW her devotion
by tasting anything and everything anal. I must admit I also do
derive some pleasure out of seeing a slave clean a VERY tiny amount
of ass stuff off my cock while looking at me with a look in her eyes
that says, “Master, I will do ANYTHING for you.”

Some extend this to the eating of feces…which is truly nasty and
most definitely a test of a slave’s willingness to serve. However,
the actual eating of feces comes with rather significant risks of
illness from large amounts of bacteria contained in the stool — and
personally, I think it’s pretty gross and would only consider it for
an extreme test or for use on a slave that got off on being pushed
in such a way. That said, I’ve never actually made a slave eat
poo… so I can’t speak to the effect of seeing her devotion would
have on me. But that’s in no way a requirement…unlike anal sex —
which is awesome!

I also love anal sex because of the way it feels! The ass feels very
different than a pussy. The walls of an ass are extremely smooth and
yet the ass itself is tighter and the combination means, for me, it
just feels far better.  The down side is, the ass is not
self-lubricating, and so it requires lube. And lots of it! Anal sex
definitely feels better with more lube (for both parties) and here’s
the number one rule for anal sex:

You can’t have too much lube!!

While I love seeing the slave struggle to take my cock and please me
as I fuck her for as long as I want!  I know anal can get
increasingly intense as it goes on…and so a slave learning to
relax and take me as I fuck her ass for the better part of an hour
without the slightest hint of a complaint…is so wonderful!

Another benefit to anal sex is the slave can vibe her pussy and
masturbate freely –cumming on my cock with her ass. The slave can
cum and but the actually vibrations of a vibe in her pussy transmit
easily to my cock through the thin barrier between the ass and

Perhaps the best benefit of anal sex is pregnancy. Specifically, it’s
extremely difficult to impregnate a slave via anal sex.  And the
worst case scenario is she gets pregnant and has ass babies — which
as much cuter than standard babies, are much less work, have a
gestation time of much less a week and are 100% flushable!

Now a new slut may find it difficult to take it up the ass on a regular basis.  The ass needs to be stretched and get used to accommodating my cock. And the best way to do this is to force the girl to wear a butt plug during the day…especially as she goes to school or work.  Nothing will make her feel sluttier.

It’s a very good idea to have her wear a thong as they were designed to hold butt plugs in as she goes about her daily business. Just walking around will make her feel sexy and remind her that she’s your little slut.  And this form of anal training is guaranteed to make her loosen up in a hurry. Even is she’s super tight…just start with a very small butt plug. Then, after a few days of that, increase to the next biggest size.  And keep going, gradually increasing the size until she can easily walk around with a huge butt plug up her ass. A slut can go from a pink sized butt plug to a fist size in a couple weeks — you wouldn’t believe how quickly she adjusts to the larger sizes. The ass is truly a wonderful and adaptive organ.

To do this, make sure it is her that is putting in the larger plug as you go up in size…as her ass is kinda involuntary and can squeeze shut against her will — and this is totally involuntary. If this happens…if she is in control, she can go super slow and really really take her time.

Eventually, your little slut will be able to wear whatever plug you desire as a fashion statement. And, when you wish to fuck her, you simply remove the plug and she’s good to go. She’s already warmed up and ready to go!

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