Appropriate Slutwear

A slave slut should know what is the most appropriate clothing and so I will hope to clarify this for her.

She should never wear too much clothing or be seen to be ‘modest’… as her sole purpose in life is to fuck and be used as a sexual object. So a good slut would never dream of wearing clothes that wouldn’t immediately make her Master think of fucking her. So, if a slut wants to show that she is thinking is sex, she must dress appropriately.

A slut is never shy. She is a slut who prides herself in wearing slutty clothing and showing off way more skin than any other girl would dare. All her clothes are designed as pure sex-wear. And a good slut would never want to be caught wearing anything that doesn’t conform to at least some of the rules below!

A good slut should strive to reveal as much skin as possible. Here are some general rules to guide you in dressing like a slut — and of course, this is tailored specifically to my tastes and this guide can be used as a general style guide for my sluts.


1) Skirts are Short. Prefer to wear skirts and dresses instead of pants or shorts as these ensure easy access.

  • Skirts should not have a hem line any lower than one hand width below her pussy.
  • dresses should be stretchy, skin tight and ideally shiny
  • dresses should have openings and cutouts to reveal more skin

















2) Camel Toe. If you must wear shorts, be sure that they are short. tight and reveal camel-toe (camel-toe being pussy lips). Some consider this a fashion faux pas but seriously, what makes guys think about sex more than advertising your pussy?

3) Show Belly.  Try to show at least 1 spread out handspan of your belly but ideally a lot more.

4) See through is great. Wear clothes that are transparent , shear and reveal your body.



5) Show Undercleavage.  The underside of your boob is gorgeous and sexy. Show it off. 

6) Show off your bare pubic area.  Nothing is so sexy as knowing that everyone knows you are shaved bare.  So wear ultra low cut clothing that shows off your hairless regions.


7) Thongs are great. Nothing quite say, “I love anal sex” like a thong. Just do it.

Note above: lips visible on both sides = good.8) Corset your waist.  A small waist the most universally attractive thing a woman can show off. And a corset cinches in your waist to make it smaller and therefore more attractive.

9) Garters are best. Nothing quite says, “I dressed for sex” quite like garters. Just be sure to put your panties on afterwards…or you can’t get them off in a hurry as the garters lock them in.


10) Cleavage is your friend.  Showing a little cleavage never hurt. Ever.

 11) Cutouts show more.  Why wear all of a dress when you can cut out the parts that aren’t required and you are left with just the awesome parts.



12) Show your back. This is one area you can show off freely without any negative consequence whatsoever. Backs are sexy… especially makes me want to grab you from behind.  
13) A bikini can never be too small nor too revealing:  Side boob. Underboob. Cleavage. Pubic zone and lips…show as much as possible for maximum attention.
See how this one above shows of your lips? Excellent.
14) Wear stockings and lace. Fishnets, thigh highs with lace tops and of course, all lace stockings like the below are…just wonderful. Lace, of course, also works on things like bras and panties.

15) Boots should be thigh high.  Tall tall boots. Ideally made of patent leather, but leather and other materials can also work. I don’t like large platforms on the sole of the boot however.

16) Shoes? No. Heels! Big clunky sensible shoes or running shoes can’t hold a candle to a long spiked high heel. Aim for at least 3-4 inches but no more than 6 inch heels.
17) Be a leather and latex lover

18) Cosplay is the way.  Cosplay could be a whole other post. Ashlie…take a closer look at Reptile below, tee hee.

19) Kilts are cute. The lure of the schoolgirl outfit is time honored.  But it’s best to look like a real schoolgirl than to overly tart this one up…ruining the illusion of innocence.
20)  Spandex and PVC.  Nothing like stretchy and wetlook materials to clung to and flatter you hot little body.

21) Accessorize! Use gags, collars, wrist and ankle cuffs, lights  and anything else that makes you look exactly like what you are.

22) Butt cleavage works. Don’t be afraid to show off the top of your butt crack. Jeans should be low cut anyway and this is another benefit.

23) Shorts should show cheek.  Shorts should always be short enough to show some butt cheek from below. They are called shorts for a reason.

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