Collaring Ceremony Part 2


“Good girl!! Now pee!”  Special K struggles with this as she has just cum and hasn’t yet been trained to pee while sexually aroused. She pushes harder with her bladder but still nothing comes out. She looks over to me with eyes pleading as if I would have sympathy.  I slap her across the face instead. “Pee for me!”  She pushes but still nothing. Ashlie is positioned right below her pussy, with her mouth wide open –begging for her piss to drink.

“Come on. Did you follow my instructions and drink all the water I requested before the ceremony?”  She signs Yes Master.  “Good. Now piss it out!”  She pushes a tiny dribble starts and Ashlie licks it up …hitting her clit with her tongue  and immediately stopping the flow.  I slap her hard across her ass, “Don’t fucking stop peeing slut!”  She looks out at the crowd watching her and then pushes with all her might — unleashing a long hard stream of piss filling Ashlie’s awaiting mouth and spilling down her chest, making her white blouse turn clear exposing her perky little tits running down to join the puddle on the floor.  Ashlie swallows her energy eagerly and I know she’s so turned on by drinking her piss: especially in front of a crowd of people she knows.

“Now kittens, show the crowd what good little slaves you are and lick up some of that piss mixture on the
floor.  That’s a mix of all of our piss: all of our energy.” Then begin licking and slurping it up as I continue, “That drink is a symbol for all of our energies being mixed and joined together today. Embrace it and welcome it into yourselves.”  As they crawl around on their hands and knees, licking it up, Master Photographer records the event.

“Now it is time collar the little sluts. And I do mean sluts. Ashlie, it would be unfitting for you to have a collar that doesn’t match your slave sister so I will be recollaring you with a matching collar.  Johnny, bring forth the collars.”

Now Johnny is a huge hulking man who most definitely lifts weights and looks it. He tall too…I’m guessing 6’3 and about 260lbs of lean muscle (I’ll have to ask him tho! lol. Ash, if you’re reading this, give me your guesses too…we’ll see who is closer. Regardless, he’s huge and looks intimidating.)  As usual,  he is wearing leather pants and no shirt.  He walks over to his girl, Heather, who is hold out a collar on each wrist and two metal bracelets in each hand.  Heather is wearing a white lacy corset, white stockings attached with garters, white lacy panties, white heels and a white leather collar with a D-ring in the front.  Johnny easily picks her up and hoists her on his shoulder. He then walks over and drops her off beside me.

“Special K, are you ready to forever give up your freedom and become my property, to be loved and owned for as long as you shall live?”  She signs, Yes Master.

“Ashlie, get on your hands and knees, facing sideways so the crowd can see you. Special K, get on your hands and knees behind Ashlie and stick your tongue up her ass and keep licking her tight little asshole until you are collared.”

As the girls comply, I hold the collar aloft for the guests to observe, “This collar is a symbol of my ownership. It says the slave slut wearing this is my property and she has no rights as a person any more. She is simply my slave. When I put this collar around her neck: she becomes mine completely. As my property, I have a duty to keep her, to ensure she is healthy and happy. I am responsible for her life, making sure she has clothes, food, shelter and that her emotional and creative needs are taken care of. As I place this collar around her neck, I accept her completely as she is and accept these responsibilities to take care of her for the rest of her life.”

Special K tries to concentrate on listening to my words but is also very conscious of the delicious taste of Ashlie’s asshole and the crowd looking down at her.

“As a slave, you have a duty to obey your Master without question, giving him compete control of your life, actions, sexuality, dress, appearance, food intake and exercise for the remainder of your days. Do you accept me,  irrevocably,  as your absolute Master for the rest of your life?”  As she signs Yes Master, I notice my heart skips a beat! I am so utterly happy at this moment!

With this, I lean over her,  and while her tongue is still deep up Ashlie’s ass, I place the collar around her neck and lock it permanently in place.    The collars are very special and expensive — but should last a lifetime. They are made of titanium so they are waterproof, light and yet very strong. Here’s a picture of it:

 Ok, the girl I originally saw this on in real life…
she has an astounding collection of great collars!
But I can’t find a pic of her with the RIGHT collar :-/
(I know her breakup with the Master that gave it to her
wasn’t great so….instead, here she is in other collars.)

It has a removable ring so it can be worn in more vanilla environments. And it has matching bracelets that serve as wrist cuffs. In short, the are fucking awesome!

I grab her roughly by the hair and yank her head back out of Ashlie’s ass, pulling her to her feet.  I stare deep into her eyes — into her soul — and say, “You are mine. Forever.  IT. IS. DONE.” And with that, I give her a deep, passionate french kiss, my mouth exploring hers and enjoying the subtle flavour of Ashlie’s ass at the same time.

Leading her by the hair, I maneuver her in front of Ashlie and push her down to the floor so that this time, she is on all fours in front of Ashlie.  I spread Special K’s ass cheeks, exposing her tender anal bud, and demand of Ashlie, “Lick it.”

Ashlie dives her tongue into her slave sisters nether regions while looking me in the eye adoringly.  She too is on all fours beneath me. I summon the lovely Heather closer and take from her the second and matching collar.

“Ashlie, the collar you wear is a symbol of my ownership. You have worn it well.  Now it is time to update it to also represent the bond with your slave sister. This says the slave slut wearing this is my property and she has no rights as a person. You are simply my slave, my property and mine completely.   I have a duty to keep you, to ensure you are healthy and happy. I am responsible for you life, making sure you have clothes, food, shelter and that your emotional and creative needs are taken care of.  With this, we reaffirm my role as your Master and your role as my property and loyal sexpet that I will keep and take care of for the rest of your life.”

I look down at her and I am so pleased to see her dutifully forcing her tongue deep up Special K’s ass while looking at me with a look of such adoration and love.

“As my slave, you have a duty to obey me without question, you have given compete control of your life, actions, sexuality, dress, appearance, food intake and exercise for the remainder of your days. Do you reaffirm your role as a slave so that all here can witness it?”  With the tip of her tongue still embedded in Special K’s ass, she says, “Yeth Mathster” and then plunges her tongue back in to it’s full depth.

I lean over and place the collar around her neck and then lock it in place for all time.  She now is wearing 2 collars of mine — the collar made of stainless steel rings (see image below)

Also seen is a necklace that has a vial of my blood
(note: this broke and is no longer around)

and the more elegant titanium collar:

“Now it is time to remove the old collar.”  This time I pull Ashlie up by her hair so that she is standing before me. I push her back to the St. Andrew’s cross and motion again to Heather.  She holds out the titanium bracelets and I take one and attach it to Ashlie’s wrist. Then I take a carabiner and affix the bracelet to the top of cross.  I repeat the process with her other wrist and then place a leather restraint on each ankle before attaching her legs to the base of the cross so that she is effectively spread-eagled.

Going over to Special K who is waiting, naked on all fours, I grab the collar from the back of her neck and lead her like a dog over to Ashlie. I guide her face under Ashlie’s kilt and into her pussy. “Lick.”

While Special K is kneeling below Ashlie and busy tasting her, I take the 2 remaining titanium bracelets and attach them to Special K’s wrists.  Then I take her arms and move them around the back of the cross so that she is hugging Ashlie and the cross as I attach the wrist cuffs together with a metal fastener.

Then I take out a giant pair of bolt cutters. (Note for Ashlie, yes, I do have a key to the lock, but bolt cutters is more theatrical — and the key may not work if the lock is rusted inside… I don’t know,  I’ve never wanted to undo it for any reason! The last thing I want is to be struggling with a lock in front of a crowd of onlookers…so I’m cutting it off.)  I place the bolt cutters against the loop of the lock and snap it down, cutting both sides of the loop at once and then I deftly catch the falling lock.

“There, now you have just a collar that binds you to me and your slave sister.”  I remove the stainless steel collar from her neck and place it in my pocket, “I will use this for the next slave.  Special K, keep licking her. Ashlie, entertain the people and cum for them.”

I then get an additional pair of leather ankle cuffs and attach them to Special K’s dainty ankles as she continues to pleasure Ashlie for the viewing enjoyment of our audience.

With that done, I free Ashlie’s arms and legs from the St. Andrew’s Cross and then undo Special K’s wrists so they both mobile again.

As Ashlie cums really hard on Special K’s tongue, I turn to the audience and say, “The Collaring Ceremony is complete. Now, we eat!  Masters and Dommes, if you would be so kind as to send your slaves to the kitchen to bring the food out to this table over here.”

With that a flurry of activity ensues with the slaves rushing off — often with a sharp smack on the ass– while I take the opportunity to move my lovely little collared sluts over to the main food table. I lift the light little Ashlie on to the table and lay her flat on her back. Then I lift Special K over her so they are in 69 position.  With the attachments, I bind each wrist to the other’s ankle so they are bound together in 69 position as the food is placed all around them on the table.  Large platters of meat, open-faced sandwiches, Danish pastries,  serving dishes filled with flour ball soup and the required plates and silverware all fill the table. Wines are placed at the end of the table — even though Craiger has a fully functioning open bar that is staffed by his lovely slaves.

“Little sluts, I want you to be skinny for me, so today, while the guests eat, you get to eat each other.”  And with that, the sluts bury their tongues into each other’s pussy as the last food dishes are laid out.

I turn to my guests, “Dinner is served.”


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