Gagged again

Lol. You can tell I like gags, no?  I’ve often dreamt for the past 5 years at least, of a slave who was spreader-gagnever allowed to speak — a girl trained to but voiceless slut whose primary purpose is fucking, being bound, and serving me.

Gags have three Primary physical uses.  To cover the sub’s mouth, to stop the sub from crying out and to impede the sub’s ability to talk.  They have several mental and emotional uses as well: to remove the sub’s ability to communicate which leaves the sub feeling helpless and emotionally exposed through their own vulnerability.  The Dom receives enjoyment from the visual image of the helpless sub.  He or she also receives the itellectual pleasureof the controlling the sub — as the sub really can’t communicate without direction from the Dom.
Because gags often deform or obstruct the wearer’s face and this results in a feeling of being objectified and being reduced to a sex object. This is highly arousing for some subs.  Gags also work as form of humiliation or from the connotations of punishment.

Now we come to the all important area of how to use and employ gags.  I find that prolonging the placement of the gag on the sub is useful because it helps them slip into that submissive state. Also, in putting the gag on, you cut off their ability to communicate — so you can stretch out their last moments of communication while helping to ease them into a much more submissive state of mind.
Basically, placing a gag on the sub depends very much on the type of gag.  A ball gag or bit gag are simply popped in the mouth of the sub and then tied around the back of the head. Some gags use straps and these must be attached — which can catch in the head hair so be careful as this can come across as clumsy to the sub. Other gags gave slider on leather strings and these should be loosened enough to clear the sub’s head and then tightened to hold the gag in place.  When using a tape or cloth gag, I like to fill the mouth with a cotton rag first — as this greatly reduces the amount of noise a sub can make, dries their mouth out and keeps their mouth held wide open.  I also prefer to use bondage tape for this as duct tape pulls at the skin and hair painfully when removed. Ring gags and other metal gags should be placed in the mouth with a fair bit of caution (as in slowly) to avoid chipping any teeth against the metal.
And now for the fun stuff. Once the gag is in, the fun begins. Since a sub is unable to communicate, it is fun to ask them questions…specifically things like, “Tell me if you want these clamps on your nipples or your pussy? What? I can’t hear you? I’m sorry, I don’t understand…I guess I’ll have to put both on.”
Other fun activities include making the sub kiss me with a ball gag in or making the sub kiss another gagged girl. I actually find two gagged subs ‘kissing’ to look extremely pretty.
With medical gags or spider gags, the obvious use for these is to insert my penis through the gag to enjoy the warmth of their mouth without any fear of biting — and by gagging them with my cock there is a notable increase in saliva production, which will eventually drool down their chest.
Other uses are attaching items such a toilet cleaning brush to a gag — as there is something rather satisfying (or humiliating depending on your perspective) about a sub sticking their face into a toilet and scrubbing it with and extension from their face.
I also enjoy the use of funnel gags on subs as I personally appreciate the ability to force a sub to ingest fluids without any consent of their own. This can be particularly fun when placing one sub wearing a funnel under another bound sub and leaving them in this position until the inevitable happens (Note: the inevitable should be ensured by giving ample drinks to the sub on top. This is particularly effective if the sub on top is slightly uncomfortable with the concept of making someone drink from them as they will be extremely apologetic to the sub below afterwards….but I might just be a little twisted here.)
Of course, using a gag does have risks associated with it. Some people even consider it a ‘very risky’ activity because it is possible for someone to die while left unattended. The main risks include asphyxia due to the nose of the sub becoming blocked.  This can also be dangerous if the sub has a cold or flu which blocks the nose — or worse, the sub vomits as there is no place for the vomit to go and the sub will choke.  For these reasons, a sub who is gagged should never be left unattended.
Another key area of safety concern is the lack of ability to use a safeword.  Since a gagged sub obviously cannot use any words, often a code of 3 rapid grunts or the dropping of a held ball are used as substitutes for a spoken safeword.  I feel it is always important to use a safeword in S&M play so be sure to discuss this with the sub beforehand or instruct the sub how to use a ‘safeword’ while gagged before or while you are putting the gag in place.
One of the great things about gags is they can be extremely cheap to employ. A simple gag can be created out of a pair of panties stuffed
in the mouth and held in place by a pair of socks tied together.  Bondage tape is also relatively cheap and there are all kinds of DIY gag options involving superballs and leather string or those cheap plastic golf balls with the holes in them.  Of course, much more elaborate gags are available on the market and some are very pretty and worth the money — but these are devices that just about anyone should be able to create some form of working gag on their own.

Since gags have so many powerful connotations and associations with them around power and control over speaking, I highly recommend trying them out to see how they can work for you.

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