Hogtying is a popular bondage technique for immobilizing one’s slave by tying all four of the person’s limbs together.  The way I like to do it is to tie a slut’s arms together behind her back, and then tie her legs together at the ankle. The legs are then bent up and attached to her wrists. It can also refer to positions where wrists are bound to the upper arms (as long as it’s behind her back.)

The term Hogtying comes from farm ranches as this rope technique was originally used to secure pigs.
There are several variations of the Hogtied position. Special bondage tools and equipment can be used to achieve a hogtied position — as always 😉  Of course my favorite tool for achieving the Hogtied position is rope.  But a Monoglove can be used to secure a person’s arms behind their back and then attached to the legs using the tip of the Monoglove. Leather straps, handcuffs, metal wrist and leg shackles all can be used as well.

Here is an example of adjustable hogtie straps


The wrists and ankles are normally in close proximity to each other without touching. In a more challenging Hogtie, you can make the slave’s wrists touch or overlap her ankles. This causes the back to arch, and may cause severe discomfort in a prolonged bondage scene. But the standard position can be maintained for much long fairly comfortably by the slave.

Personally, I think hogtying looks beautiful and sexy. The girl is obviously bound and immobile and, if you have a good slut, will love you for it. I do adore girls who feel safer and cared for while immobile — and this position certainly achieves that.

As with all rope bondage, care must be taken to ensure that circulation of the blood is not cut off — this is especially important when ties are used around the ankles and wrists as the veins are near the surface and easily compressed with poor rope work.

So make sure you use ties that don’t cut of circulation and definitely do not use ties that cinch tighter. (I will have to make a post on how I like to tie these.)

Be sure to stay with the sub and monitor her at all times, checking her hands and feet for discoloration (blue and grey are bad colors for skin! Undo her if you see this!)  Also, feel her hands and feet to make sure they are not getting cold -which is another sign of poor circulation.  And you can always ask her if her hands or feet are tingling.

In more challenging hog ties the back can be arched back. Don’t make her overextend backwards and be warned that she won’t be able to maintain more severe positions for that long.  Her back may start to cramp up or spasm and then your little sex pet will be an unhappy little girl :'(

And as always, keep some EMS scissors handy so you can cut her lose quickly in an emergency (if you are using rope.) Do not worry about the cost of the rope. The slave’s health and well being is way more important: and she will probably trust you more if she sees you’re willing to cut a $50 rope to rescue her quickly –and BDSM is all about trust.

Some versions of a hogtie involve a predicament bondage where a neck rope is attached to keep the neck, back and legs arched but this is really NOT RECOMMENDED!  If the Dom is someone accidentally incapacitated or feels he can leave her alone — the victim can tire and strangle to death. So don’t do this!

The hogtie position places a lot of pressure of the abdomen of the slave (especially if she is placed on her belly.)  This can create postural asphyxia (aka it’s really difficult for her to breath because of the position.) Care should be take to ensure she can breath easily. Keep alert and check in with her to make sure she can still breath .

Gagged — but not on her stomach.

Disclaimer:   Use common sense. I am not advocating use of any technique or practice on this website. You are responsible for your own actions and safety — research techniques online and take courses from people who are experts.

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