Loving your Pets

I am writing this specifically because I am wanting to express my
love and profound appreciation for my slave Ashlie.

We I first took her on as a slave, I already liked her a bunch.
When I collared her– I do so because I knew she was a keeper.  I
remember saying to her though, “You are not and will never be my
girlfriend. If you want this, then you will have to look elsewhere.
If you accept this collar, you will put all notions of being a
girlfriend out of your mind and become my property.”

Well, that most definitely occurred.

Yet I’ve noticed subtle shifts in our relationship that have
occurred.  The number one shift that I did not expect to be so
profound is, I fell deeply in love with her.  Of course, I tend to
bond with those I have sex with — and I just can’t do the thing
where I have sex with someone I don’t care about (I’ve noticed a
certain lack of, well, wood in those cases — even when I find them
physically attractive. But if there is not emotional component, I
can’t do it. Well, more to the point, I don’t WANT to do it.)  So
having her to fuck anytime I please means that we are sharing energy
and experiences and …well, love.

But unlike a girlfriend who has demands and tries to shape and
manipulate– Ashlie is a supreme example of a submissive goddess.
Her willingness to serve me is palpable and she always looks out for
me first.   Hmmmm,  the thoughts going through my head now are
leaning towards the love people have for their pets. Let me explain.
A dog becomes a very real and loved part of the family. A dog is
tremendously loyal, loving and is always eager to play and serve.
And this love is untarnished by the pet’s expectations and attempts
to control you (that simply does not happen.)  And as a result?   We
love our pets often more intensely and unconditionally than even our
closest spouse. And this is precisely what I believe has happened
with myself and Ashlie.

I’ve also found that any faults and imperfections that she has — well, she accepts me so fully and unconditionally and I just naturally accept all of those aspects of her and beautiful and unique aspects of a wonderful slave.  The things that she has
difficulties with actually make me love her more. I know she’s not perfect. Hell, other Masters would probably think she’s too skinny and dislike her tiny, perky little tits. Fuck those guys. She’s mine and I love every inch of her because she has given me the honour of giving it all to me.

Like the Buddhist philosophy teaches us: do not mourn the past nor worry about the future but live in the present. Accept the present for what it is and rejoice in the wonder that is life.  This is how
I look at Ashlie. I don’t concern myself with the Ashlie that could have been or some made up concept of what Ashlie should be like —
neither of these viewpoints serves me and would actually be detrimental to our relationship.  Instead, I look at my wonderful
pet and see her for who she is. The real trick is to look at her
flaws from the perspective of, “How does this make her an even more
perfect slave and how can turn this flaw into my advantage.” It’s a
fun game. And in the end, I think she knows that no matter what
happens, I will look after her and love her — just as a people
would do almost anything to help the family pet and love that pet
through any medical condition or infirmity.

Like any woman, she has strengths and weaknesses, flaws and quirks
unique to her.   And like every fully devoted slave — she is
perfect just as she is.

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