Pet Care


”Are you okay, pet?”
”Come on babygirl, focus on daddy.”
“We’ve been pretty rough on you, and you’re pretty out of it. Do you remember your safeword?”
“Tell me your safeword babygirl.”
“And do you want to use your safeword?”
“All your parts are still there, you won’t have any lasting marks. Daddy’s friend is very skilled at what she does. Are you enjoying yourself?”
“yes… daddy…”
“Really, you enjoy getting a harsh spanking with weights hanging from your nipples, while being forced to wear massive butt plugs and vibrators inside you? You’re one sick puppy.”
“And did you enjoy the foreplay, or lack of such…? How we tied you up straddling a vibrator and made you watch as we had sex right infront of you? Did you enjoy being deprived of what you wanted so badly and seeing it given to someone else?”
“…no…yes… I… yes…”
“Did you cum for daddy on that vibrator?”
“…no… almost…”
“Sounds like I set it at the perfect level then, to get you all worked up and giving no relief. And how many times have you cum since?”
“…none, daddy… not allowed…”
“How many fingers, not counting the thumb, do you have on your left foot?”
“Fo… none… toes… “
“Good girl. You’re waking up a bit. It’s early yet you see, we have hours left to play… Maybe if you’re a good pet for daddy’s friend she’ll show you her strapon collection next, maybe you can come hard with both your holes filled…”
“Oh god… yes daddy…”
“Are you experiencing ‘bad pain’ or discomforts that I should know about? Tingling, lack of circulation? Tell me now –as I own your body and need to know the status of my property.” 
“…no Daddy…I hurts…but in the good way.”
“Well it’s time for you to drink this big pitcher of water so you have to pee lots for us, pet. Not that I’ll let you. But drink it fast anyway, before I decide to let her show me how good she is with a cane instead.”

The above is an example of checking in with your slave. Making sure she is ok, looked after both physically and emotionally, and enjoying herself. Little things like this show your slave that, deep down, you really care about her…no matter what you’re making them do.

This can form an incredibly intense trust and bond between Master and slave that vanilla folks rarely achieve.

After you are done playing with your toys, if they are really flying this gentle aftercare is super important as the intensity of emotions can result in an intense feeling of abandonment if you just leave. I highly recommend more of this kind of checking in and helping to bring them back to reality gently. Ensure that her body has not been hurt beyond what you thought and…well, I like to be a strong and loving Daddy for her.


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