Video Games

If you are to be a full time, 24/7 slave of mine, then it would be a
goodness if you really like to play video games and games in
general.  Why? Because I’m a gamer and I might need you to level my
toons, farm herbs or cultivate skills! Ha ha.  Honestly, you`ll also have to enjoy playing boardgames because I`m a geek at heart and have always loved playing games.  But for now I`ll focus on video games.

Part of me enjoys knowing exactly what my little pets are doing. And them playing games, playing with themselves and playing with each other…are are very good things.  And what is hotter than a gamer girl? Nothing. So it’s a must.


I work hard to provide for my pets and the more play and leisure they can enjoy, the better I feel about myself.  Besides, I have the added benefit of having joyful, happy slaves in my life. <3

Also, as any Master who has 24/7 slaves knows, it can be really difficult to keep the slaves occupied

at all times.  So things like jobs, school, cooking courses, exercise and this case video games all provide activities that can have observable/measurable results while making sure the slaves are happy and fulfilled.

Of course, how video game use is administered varies as I see fit and is subject to change from day to day. But I will provide some examples and also describe how to make this work.

Reward centers:
Video games stimulate the same reward centers in the brain as narcotic drugs. So video games are highly addictive. Which I see as a good thing. That means they are also highly enjoyable — it’s something a good little s
lave slut will WANT to do and be motivated to do.  She will also feel a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment — leading her to a sense of satisfaction in her life.

Of course, some people feel as sense of distress from video games because they feel like they SHOULD BE doing other things that are more ‘important’ with their lives. They may be unemployed and wasting time playing games instead of figuring out how to get a job.  This conflict between what they tell themselves they should be doing and what they actually do can lead to a profound sense of dis-empowerment which leads to depression. Luckily, this is most definitely NOT the case for slaves who are ordered to play. They are then obeying their Master and can even look at it as a very pleasant form of work.

Slaves should not have to worry about where their next paycheck is coming from. All those worries and difficulties stand firmly on their Master’s shoulders. And if you’re lucky enough to have a Master with their shit together — then slaves are free to enjoy all that reward center brain stimulation.

This one is one of the most powerful tips I can provide for making a slave fit.  What are video game players known as? Couch potatoes. Well, I’m not into fucking a slovenly potato. Far from it. So how does one ensure that a slave stays fit?  With the devious combination of video games and a treadmill.

Make it so the slave must be walking or running on a treadmill the whole time she is playing and I guarantee her physical fitness will go through the roof! Why? Video games completely distract the mind while playing so she’ll barely notice she’s exercising but will be instead immersed in the game. And the human body is an incredibly ability to adapt to the demands placed on it — so soon long walks on a treadmill or rides on a stationary bike will become just part of the daily games.

For one slave, Special K, I currently wish to have her play games while she has vibrators in both her pussy and ass. She has to play but is NOT allowed to cum at all. Every hour (using a timer), she must take a break, look at pretty girls and get as close as possible to cumming without going over the edge. After she reaches this edge, she may continue playing…getting hornier and hornier throughout the day. (But don’t worry, she will fulfill her daily quota of orgasms for me…just not while playing 😉  )

The other slave, Ashlie, needs to take frequent breaks to cum over and over for me.

Performance Awards:
In addition, cumming rewards may be given for specific in game achievements. Simply look at the game and figure out what the main goals are and what the hardest elements are to achieve…then attach rewarding tasks to them.

An example could be the game, Perfect World, that they both play.  I have devised the following list of cumming requirements– the number of times they have to cum as a reward for leveling.  Keep in mind that each time they level, they are to get out of squad as soon as possible and switch to looking at porn pictures of girls while they come. They will cum according to the chart below:

Level 1-10            Masturbate for 1 minute without cumming
Level 11-20          Cum 1 time
Level 21-29          Cum 2 times
Level 30-39          Cum 3 times
Level 40-49          Cum 4 times
Level 50-59          Cum 5 times
Level 60-69          Cum 6 times
Level 70-78          Cum 7 times
Level 79                Cum 7 times + 9 more with butt plug in for opening Lvl79 skills.
Level 80-88          Cum 8 times
Level 89                Cum 8 times + 9 more with butt plug in for opening Lvl89 skills.
Level 90-91          Cum 9 times
Level 92                Cum 9 times + 20 more with butt plug in for opening Lvl92 skills.
Level 93-94          Cum 9 times
Level   95             Cum 9 times  + 5 more where she pees while cumming then drinks it while cumming again
Level 96-98          Cum 9 times
Level 99                Cum 9 times + 9 more where she pees while cumming then drinks it while cumming again
Level 100              Cum 100 times (alternate. Even orgasms with butt plug in, odd ones with it out.)
Level 101              Cum 11 times with a buttplug in  + 1 more where she pees while cumming then drinks it
while cumming again
Level 102              Cum 21 times with a buttplug in  + 2 more where she pees while cumming then drinks it
while cumming again
Level 103              Cum 31 times with a buttplug in  + 3 more where she pees while cumming then drinks it
while cumming again
Level 104              Cum 41 times with a buttplug in  + 4 more where she pees while cumming then drinks it
while cumming again
Level 105              Masturbate for 5 hours, non-stop without cumming.  Then cum 105 times.


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