50 Ways to be a Better Daddy

I started off calling this “Rules for Daddies”…but they are not really rules becasue if you are anything like me, being told what to do makes you NUTS!

Part of being a Daddy Dom is taking the lead and helping create a world for your little girl where she is safe to be young, sweet and innocent.

If you find yourself lacking inspiration, you can refer to the following list to see what appeals to you.

So here are

50 Things You Can Do to be a Better Daddy:


  1. Give her attention everyday.  Even a quick text lets her know she’s in your thoughts
  2. Do something with her that she’s never done before
  3. Commit to her in some way. I’m poly…but that doesn’t mean a girl doesn’t have a special place in my heart and my life.
  4. Discipline her as needed. And even when it isn’t needed. 😉
  5. Enjoy her silly and cute side — before she grows out of it
  6. Put your fingers inside her
  7. Inspect her pussy to make sure it’s completely bare
  8. Spontaneously kiss her hard
  9. Make her tell you her dreams
  10. Set goals for her to achieve them
  11. Squeeze her as tight as you can
  12. Think of something you love about her — every single day
  13. Put one of her drawings up on your fridge
  14. Put her birthday into your calendar
  15. Know her middle name
  16. Get her to tell you her thoughts
  17. Lick her in unexpected places and carefully watch to see the spots that work
  18. Undress her
  19. Lay out the clothes that she is to put on
  20. Molest her while she sleeps
  21. Pick your little girl up and never put her down
  22. Ask her if there is anything she needs help with
  23. If she’s bratty, she wants a spanking. Give it to her
  24. Clearly explain what you expect of her
  25. Find out her limits…then push her right to the edge
  26. Honor her for giving herself and her power over to you
  27. Protect her.   If someone is pushing her around, it is your duty to step up and defend her
  28. Create a safe space for her.
  29. Hint and lead up to the big games you have planned for using her
  30. Spoon her. She is so cute as a little spoon!
  31. Buy her an unusual stuffed animal that matches her personality
  32. When you watch TV together, have her sit on your lap.
  33. Sing her a lullaby
  34. Write a poem for her
  35. Don’t complain to her. You’re her Daddy. Complaints go from littles –> adults.
  36. Send her a letter
  37. If you go on a trip, bring back a toy from your travels
  38. Spank the hell out of her tight little ass
  39. Give her apple juice with a bendy straw after a spanking
  40. Put her in the tub and bathe her
  41. Be stronger than you are: be her superman
  42. Take to Build a Bear and have her make her own teddy
  43. Cut her meat up for her
  44. Teach her about something totally perverse and present it as an adult game
  45. Call her work, “School”, her co-workers “kids in her class” and her boss is her “Teacher”.
  46. Send her to bed when she is tired
  47. Check for monsters under the bed
  48. Read her bedtime stories
  49. Tuck her in at night
  50. Put a night light in her room so she’s not afraid of the dark
    “Just like a lollypop, Daddy?”

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