A Day in the Life of a Slave, Part 2

[Continued from Slave Day Part 1]

A Day in the Life of a Slave, Part 2

I am exhausted from all my torments. My pussy aches from having cum so much. I feel like cuddling you, my love and my God … but you are on to me and get fiercely angry that I would try to manipulate you like that! You are My slave! You must submit to my will and suffer whenever and as often as I deem fit! For this inexcusable BEHAVIOR, YOU must drink.

You pull my hair with one hand and spin me around by my nipple and then pull my hands behind my back. Then you take a carabiner and join my wrist cuffs together. Wait here, and don’t move a muscle.

When you return, you are carrying two large glasses full of water, plus a jug. I am very thirsty as I haven’t drank much or eaten since you began my abuse. I’m also sure that you are keenly aware of this. In fact, you delight in my hunger and plan to use food as an extra way to torment me. You smile as you think about how hungry I am. I’ve eaten while you have been bound. Would you like to eat now, too?

Yes Master. Very much so.

Too bad you’re such a slut, trying to get out of abuse by sucking up and playing cute. Otherwise, I might have fed you a little something. But now, you are going to have to be weak with hunger, because that’s how I like my slaves: weak and submissive. Besides, You would look even more beautiful if you were on a diet for a bit. So my slave, you will only have water for today… AND PROBABLY tomorrow too. Heh heh. Now, drink both this glasses of water as fast as you can.

As my hands are still bound, you force me to drink by raising the glass up to my lips and rapidly tilting it. I drink, chugging both glasses quickly, but piss-drinking-bowlyou only refill both glasses and raise them to my lips as well. I drink those too, and start to feel quite bloated with water.

Stay here slut, while I get some things.

I stand, hands bound, and wait. You return shortly. You hold up some ice cubes so that I can see them. Since you’ve cum so much today, you’re pussy probably need to cool off, so you can make more squirt for me. So start making more cum.

The ice is cold and wet which seeps into my very being through my poor aching pussy that is sore from the pussy clamps you applied earlier.  The freezing swirls around my lips and rubs up and down on towards my ass too until I can’t help but get wet and horny from my own discomfort. Chills run through my core, extending out through the central focus of my being – my pussy. No, your pussy.

There is so little I can do, just bear it, as a helpless slave at the mercy of her captor. As I shiver, I begin to abandon ever more of myself to my Master. My heart opens as only a slave’s can, knowing that she is owned – and wanted.

I am going to go out now. So I am going to untie you. But your time is not your own, it is mine and you will obey me to the letter, won’t you slave?

Yes, Master.

Of course you will, bitch. Here is a DVD for the computer. Put it in as soon as I leave and watch it. Do EVERYTHING the video tells you. If I am not home by the time the  video finishes, you will have to restart it and watch it again.  Do you understand?

Yes, Master.

Good. Let’s see if you really do. If you have to pee, are you going to go since I’m not around to give you permission? In fact, I already have to pee a little bit.

No, Master?

You suddenly and violently grab my nipple. Digging your nails in while pulling, you instruct me further. Do not answer my questions with questions. No, you will not piss. You will hold it as part of your torture. I have to go now.

You untie me, and leave me with the video. I wait there while you do some things upstairs until I finally hear the door as you leave. Then I eagerly pop the DVD in and press play. When the image forms on the screen, I see the dungeon. Then I see you walk on screen wearing a stunning all black, leather hoodie with leather cape.finger-up-ass

I bet you have to pee already. Well you can’t. See the big blue water bottle on the table, you’re going to drink that all before you can even think of peeing. Now I want you to take the Hitachi Wand off the table and put it in your hand. … Now put the end on your clit and rub it around while it is off till your pussy is wet. … I’m waiting. Are you wet for me yet? … Now you must turn it on and masturbate, going fast, while watching me. But you are not allowed to cum, yet.

I’m wet in no time and masturbating myself happily to the video of my gorgeous owner. You go off camera and returning pulling someone by the hair. It is the young looking, very thin girl crush that I have,  Sandra. She is wearing black garters and stockings, and tall black leather thigh high boots. She is naked from the waist up but does have her hair in twin braids. I watch you as you bend the girl over, exposing her little anus. You tie her hands and feet down so her ass is in the air, then you lube up your hand and start putting fingers in her ass.  I am so close to cumming now but force myself to not cum — no matter how much I want to cum. Your fingers go deeper in her little as as she squirms as you put a 4th finger in her little ass. I am about to explode and have a squirting orgasm but barely manage to hold myself back.

Still, my bladder urges me to explode in a different way and I worry about pissing everywhere…but I am thankful I can touch myself to lessen that pressing need.

Next, you get out a black waist corset that I’ve never seen before. I am treated to seeing how you apply the corset and tighten it up so much that it cinches her already small waist to a brutally small size. The result is spectacular, and I am weak with the urge to cum as I watch you parade her around the room.

Worship this cute little goddess for me. She is your goddess. Masturbate and prepare to give her an offering. I want you to feel it building up inside you. Get close to cumming. Get ready to cum for me, your Master. And… STOP.

You can’t cum yet you whore! Drink a third of the water bottle, right now whore!

Now look in the box on the table. Open it and find the a pile of clamps. Select this one (you hold up andnaked-nipple-clamps put it on your left nipple. … Now get this clamp and put it on your right nipple. … do they hurt? Not enough. I would have put them on rougher, so to make it up to me, pull on them. Hard. Harder. Pull so your flesh extends out from your body. Good. Now take off the left one. … as I do, pain burns through my tit, you just look at me, smiling on the screen. Put it back on and pull it some more. 
a clamp)

Now get the bag of clothes pegs and place them on your pussy lips. Get to it! Put them all over your slutty little hole. But them all over your outter lips as well as your inner ones … I know there is lots of space for clothes pegs so cover your pussy. Just leave some space around your clit…but that’s all.

See these clamps behind you? The heavy metal ones… get 6 of them out. Put two on your ear lobes… and the other four… will go… on… the clamps already on your nipples. That’s right, attach them to the clamps as extra weights to punish you as you move.

Speaking of which, get out the heavy wooden pegs and attach them to just above and below your clit…  Good. Very good, my little slave. As a reward, I’m going to make you watch me fuck Sandra’s ass while you touch yourself without cumming.

The pain in excruciating, but I am a slave. The reward of seeing fuck Sandra’s ass on video is reward enough.  You fuck her tight little ass good and hard. She moans and wiggles it for more as you pull it out and make her taste her ass off of your gorgeous cock…before you gag her with it for more lube. Then once again, you slam your cock into her budding little hole. It looks so hot yet I am constantly reminded by how much I need to pee.

Get up now. Come close to the screen. After you stop this video, go upstairs quickly to the front door, unlock it then open and shut it. Then come back and press play.

On the way down the stairs, the hanging clamps plus the multitude of clothes pegs cause me great discomfort as I move. The jerky action of going down stairs causes the heavy weights to sway and pull on me. Still, I deserve no better than this. I go to the door, hoping no one is around and open it very briefly. Going back up the stairs hurts even more because the clamps have been on that much longer.

I press play. That took too long slave. Scratch your thighs as punishment. That’s not enough. Stop the video again and go down to the fridge and get out the blue glass inside it. Bring it upstairs and press play.

The stairs again! The pain is almost too much. I open the fridge and find the blue glass. My god, I have to piss so bad! And this container is fulled with even more liquid. Back up the stairs and I hitachi-mastubation-brunettepress play.

That glass is full of my piss. Piss that you don’t even deserve. But I’m going to make you drink it. Bring it up to your nose. Smell it… Smell it some more… It’s a tasty drink for a naughty slut. Take a small sip…Good… Now a larger one, but don’t swallow this one, keep my piss in your mouth to fully APPRECIATE it. Now remove the right nipple clamp.

As the blood rushes back into my nipple, pain shoots through my chest, but I can’t scream or even gasp because my mouth is full of piss — and yet I almost piss myself with the intensity of the pain. It seems like at least 15 seconds before the pain begins to subside.

Good job. Swallow my piss as your reward. Now take a sip of water. Now hold another mouthful of piss in your mouth. Now remove the other nipple clamp. …

OMG, I have to pee soooo badly…and he’s just filling me with more liquids! :'(

Good. Swallow. Take some more piss in your mouth, and remove all the other clamps and pegs from you as fast as you can. … Swallow now. Are all the pegs off? Then as a reward, you have to chug the rest of my piss. Drink it up!

I hope that hurt you a lot. I love inflicting pain on you, even if I don’t see it. Now get the Hitachi wand and start serving me again by MASTURBATING. All the pain you suffer is a trade off. You see, slave, you must suffer pain in order to earn your pleasure. I give you both. Pain and pleasure, but they must be balanced. That is why you need me, YOUR Master, to make sure you get enough pain that you deserve because you’re such a whore – always MASTURBATING – so you need lots and lots of pain too. I see to it that you’re punished for your pleasure – keeping things in BALANCE. Like Yin and Yang… You suffer, and you get joy. It can be no other way.

I vibe myself…trying desperately to distract myself from the pressing urge to pee. My world becomes a swirl of bursting bladder pressure mixed with near orgasm…but Master has yet to tell me I can cum….

[To be Continued]

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