Ageplay is a form of roleplaying between two (or more, heh heh) consenting adults where participants act as if they are a different age than their biological age.   It may or not be sexual but the primary characteristics are the powerplay, lack of responsibility, and re-experiencing the emotional states and interactions of your youth.

Usually people pretend to be much younger than they are with common ageplay ages being:  baby (0-16months old);  toddler (2-3 years old); young child (4-7); prepubescent child (8-11); preteen (12-13); and teenager (14-17).  However, the girl may get off on the guy playing an elderly man, for example…it doesn’t matter: if you are roleplaying a different age: it’s ageplay.

Ageplayers who pretend to be little girls call themselves littles. They often refer to ‘their little self’ as way of owning their little persona and incorporating it into their adult life. Littles love to see things from a childlike perspective — and point out when people are not sharing and being mean!

Ageplay, for me, is highly sexual but I’ve played with girls who love it just for the fact that she gets to
color and make drawings and just plain be a little girl with no responsibilities nor worries. A girl can get off on the fact that her Daddy will take care of everything — and she gets to re-experience the safety and security of having an ever loving, strong Daddy who knows everything and will take care of her.

I used the term Daddy above, but that’s just a form of roleplaying — it’s not required nor is the incest element a defining characteristic.  In fact, having sex with some related to me doesn’t work for me at all — yet a girl calling me Daddy and being my little girl…damn, that’s hot. I think the Daddy part is one of the easiest ways to establish a roleplaying scene where love and a close emotional connection are assumed.

The real reason that I love littles

As a Daddy, there’s clearly one element that attracts me to this: the big-ass heart of a little girl!! Fuck your baggage: love me like you’ve never been hurt. Little girls have the biggest, purest hearts — and they love with all of it! It’s not conditional. It’s not judgmental.  It’s just love.  And who can deny or hurt* a little girl that loves you with all her heart?!  It’s addictive <3

*- Ok, I can spank the hell out of her tight little bottom…but I’m talking about heart/mind hurts.

Ageplay is not considered pedophilia or related to pedophilia by professional psychologists. It’s roleplaying that allows the girl the freedom to open up like a child in ways she might not in her adult shell. And for Daddies…there is a certain assumed power dynamic of an adult having absolute say over the child — but this dynamic can have a loving, tender element attached to it that is far different than say, a Nazi/Jewess roleplay. The Daddy has the authority but need not enforce his will so sternly: his word is often enough.  Not that Daddies don’t spank 😉

Aside from the girl having all of her burdens disappear when she becomes a little, she loses not only the responsibilities in her but the concept of responsibility too. Her world becomes one about play.  And now she’s free to do the things she still enjoys such as play with dolls, stuffed animals and pencil crayons. In fact, if she didn’t like stuffed animals (aka stuffies) I might suspect there was something seriously wrong with her.

Some age players like to go to infant form — to be just physical and maybe not even know any words at all.  It’s like a self-imposed kind of bondage if you think about it.  Instead of gags and rope, the baby just plain can’t speak or walk.  And there is also diapers involved which can get them off with changing -allowing for exposure and touching of genitalia when cleaning them up.  Note: they may be playing…but she still can have some big girl poops and so…well, I prefer girls in the 8-12 range. 😉

The effect of a big heart and the innocent worldview I find intoxicating.  There is one subbie I know who does it so well and so whole-heartedly that she’s just seems like the most delightful sweetie ever! Even though she doesn’t match the physical body type I’ve posted about earlier (though she does have a very pretty face and the bestest long straight black hair <3  ) …but it’s her energy and her sweet little-girlness that truly won me over.  And with Ashlie (who just had a birthday and turned 11) it’s nice because they play well together and both love stuffies!

Hmmm…you know, I haven’t mentioned this blog at all to her. I should really send her the link. 🙂

The reason I enjoy ageplay so much is also because I get to share with the girl her sense and remembrance of her awakening sexuality. I get to really learn about what makes her tick by hearing about her first feelings and awareness of sexual feelings.  From the first time she touched herself in the show to the first time she remembers squeezing her legs together in the way it felt really good.

I’m sure I’ll write more about littles and ageplay…but it’s bedtime. So get off to bed and I’ll be up in 5 minutes to tuck you in.


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