Awakening the Dragon

bound-teen-jeanshorts“I don’t think you have it in you to inflict pain. You seem boring and vanilla to me,” Three said.

Without hesitation I slap her full on across her insolent face as a red flash goes through my brain. I grab her by the back of the hair and pull as I try to comprehend the foolishness before me. My hand finds itself on her throat, choking her as I continue to pull on her hair.

“You fucking stupid little bitch,” I growl at her and trip her to the ground. I pull out zip ties and start securing her hands behind her back.

“Master, no! She didn’t mean it,” my sweet Ashlie please with me in vain.

“Fuck that,” I dismiss her as I drag her over to a chain hanging from the ceiling and use a carabiner to attach her wrists behind her to the high chain…forcing her to bend over so that her arms could be raised high enough from the position I had locked them in near her waist.

Defiance gleamed in Three’s eyes and a snear curled her lip. “Do your worst, you pansy”

Ashlie leapt up, “Three no!”  I slapped Ashlie with my palm.  “She has sealed her fate. Get my favorite nipple clamps and my leather bag.”

With that, I set to work attaching a spreader bar to her ankles so she her legs were lock open.

“Do you think these jeans shorts and tank top you’re wearing are appropriate?” I asked.

She looked at me and snarled, “What do you know about fashion?”

“I know it gets in the way.” With that, I got out my EMS scissors and snipped off her tank top as she struggled to save her clothing.  As I approached her jeans she pleaded, “No, please! I love these shorts and I don’t have any others!”

All the better to shred for your insolence, I thought as I began to cut them off her body, ruining them in the process.

“You’re an asshole!” she spit at me, standing in just an expensive purple bra and panty set.

“True.” I said as I snipped off her bra. The I picked up a favorite gag of mine then returned to her panties to destroy them too.

“You know how much those cost? ” said, flushed with anger. “I fucking –”

I shut her up by stuffing her ‘expensive’ yet ruined panties in her mouth quickly followed by the cock-shaped bite gag which I strapped around the back of her head to lock it in place. “The next time you speak, you will be adoring of me. I promise you that.” I could see she her mouth was full of the cock shaped gag that would eventually be triggering her gag reflex.

At this point, Ashlie returned with my bag and I got out a leather flogger, a thuddy one that I would use to warm her up.  I began lightly flogging Three. “You think I flog like a pussy?”

This foolish cunt actually nodded. My god, what a moron. I began an evil series of whippings with the same flogger…this time using it harshly and accurately– enjoying delivering blow after blow to the exact same patch of skin on her ass.  I’d move around, hitting damn hard but always return to that one small and ever so tender spot on her ass. I got more excited as I saw her skin redden and then started to work up a sweat as I got warmed up. After about 10 intense minutes, I removed my top and really got going — delivering blow after blow.

I noticed Ashlie standing there dutifully watching and holding out the fierce clover nipple clamps I enjoy so much.  I pinch her nipples to get them hard then attached the clamps and watched her squirm.
The ends of the clamps, I tied together and then to an eye-hook embedded in the concrete floor — forcing her to bow lower. To amplify her discomfort, I raised the chain holding her arms back being her.

From there, I got out a stainless steel ass hook and lubed it up lightly before forcefully inserting it into her ass. I hitched a rope to the other end and strung it through the back of her gag straps and then through a couple pullies and back to her little completely bare pussy.  I attached 4 more clover clamps to her pussy and tied them to the end of the rope coming from the pullies and tightened it sufficiently.

Allow me to explain why: if she leans too far forward or close to the ground, the ropes pull on the clamps on her pussy. Of course, the ass hook gets driven further up her little butt too at the same time.  But if she pulls back, the ropes pull on the clamps attached to her tits, tightening it.  So…there is no comfortable position for her to be in.  She can merely oscillate between the two painful states. And all the while her ass hole is stretched as she’s forced to have the hook plug her ass…stretching her so she’ll be good and ready when I eventually fuck that sweet little hole.

A bad slave might be left in such a position while I enjoyed watching her. But this bitch? Fuck her. I was kind enough to warm her up with the flogger. Now I got the wooden paddle out and began to deeply redden her skin, delivering harsh smacks to her ass that caused her to jolt forward…activating both the nipple and pussy clamps at once.

I continues to nail her over and over and over with the paddle, addressing her thighs, calves, back, and ass. I spared her no mercy and Three was beginning to squirm a great deal — her cries muffled by the gag. Yes, she was starting to learn.  But only barely.

I was uninfuriated by this bitch and decided she needed more of a lesson. “Ashlie, fetch me a large pitcher of water.  Three, you little cunt, your definition of pain is about to get redefined.”

I pulled off my leather belt and started leaving great welts across all over her exposed skin.  Ashlie return wit the water and I took a huge swig then ordered Ashlie to drink the remainder.

“Three, in time you will learn respect. I will train your mind. But for now…I’m just enjoying myself.”

I got out a cane and set to work…slowly striking her with stinging hits. Gradually increasing in strengths…seeing exactly how much force would cause her skin to go deep red, cause it to welt, how hard I could hit her before breaking the skin.

Her skin was beautiful. Like a canvas and I the artist delivering a blow…giving her many seconds to fully register all the sensations of the pain and just as it started to fade, I’d select a new spot that would be improved with a deep red line.

This little cunt has defied me and so I cared little for her comfort and mental state…knowing that if I just used her and enjoyed her…eventually she would come around to my way of thinking. I would train her mind later. For now…she was my little cunt.

Her squirms and cries delighted me as I saw her continually struggling and jolted no only by the cane but the yanking of the clamps from all her squirming.

“I’m going to remove the clamps on your tits and then your pussy now. I’m doing that so the blood can rush back in and it will actually be far more painful to you.”  I made a big show if it, removing a nipple clamp slowly and massaging her tiny tit so the blood moved in like a painful river.  Then the next. Then her pussy…and I got so hard I almost fucked her when I was the deep red circles left by the clamps.

I then marked her tits with the cane because she would be prettier that way. One particular blow was directly over her already sore nipple and she partially collapsed from the pain.

I kept going but I could see the defiance had gradually faded from her eyes and  was being replaced by…fear? No, not fear yet. But a healthy respect. Still, this stupid cunt needed to be taught a lesson. Especially as the other slaves were watching. This would be a lesson to them too…though Ashlie knew far better than to try and push me.

I grabbed Three by the throat and started applying pressure so she almost passed out. Finally I spoke, “Listen bitch,” I said in low, menacing voice. “You chose to come here. I didn’t make you do that, you did it on your own. But now that you’ve done it, I fucking OWN you.” I pulled her HARD and bite deep into her neck, enjoying the feeling of her skin between my grinding teeth.

“You will always make yourself available to me. You will keep yourself fit and attractive for me. You will wear slutty clothes and fuck my little sluts day and night. You will do only as I tell you. And any time I want to fuck you or either of these little whores, you will be eager for it and help. Or I will punish you hard.”

With that, I freed somewhat from the ropes and lead her using the rope through her gag straps as a leash. I lead her over to some metal poles and then lifted her tiny body in my strong arms. She was little and weak…just as I like. And squeezed her as I harshly hoisted her now greatly weakened body so that her legs flopped over the poles so she was hanging upside down by her legs.


I attached cuffs to chairs to hold her to the poles in this inverted position. Of course, her little tits were now ready to have the clamps reattached…this time to much more tender nipples…so that the pain would be a constant companion of hers.

From there…it was time to get out an Hitachi Wand and make this little bitch cum for me. Daddy has to have orgasms, you see. Don’t you dare deny me an orgasm.inverted-tit-torture

I rigged the Hitachi in place so it vibrated her whole pussy and most furiously on clit.

While I let her enjoy her predicament, I got Ashlie and strapped her to a high bench so her ass was extended in the air.

With her secured to the bench, I moved it over so that her ass was above but just a a couple inches from Three’s face. “Ashlie, I know you’ve drank a lot of water recently and soon you will need to pee. But I think this slut here deserves you piss on her just yet.

And I got out an enema. It was a large bag and filled with water and had a hose leading to a thin steel tipped ass plug.  I inserted it in Ashlie’s ass and let the bag fill her ass.  Soon, of course, Ashlie would not be able to hold in the enema and it would flow out: all over Three’s neck and face. Since three was inverted and gagged, it would no doubt get up her nose too…making it extremely difficult to breath but eventually she’d figure out she had to snort the enema water in her nose…taste it down the back of her throat….if she was to breathe.

I would watch this very carefully to ensure she didn’t do something stupid like suffocate. Dying is not an option for any of my slaves — but she need not know this. Perhaps she’d taken my attention to detail and safety as weakness instead of pride and caring for my toys? It matters not.

I removed the butt plug enema from Ashlie’s ass. Already I could see her asshole pucker trying to contain it.

“Now I’m going to watch you two for a little bit. Ashlie, try not to get her wet.” I said as I walked over to a chair and sat to watch the show.  “Don’t worry, the fun is just beginning. We’ll be at this for quite some time.”

“I’m sorry Three! I really need to pee and my ass is sooo full…I don’t know how long I can hold it in.” Ashlie said as Three looked on, gagged, inverted, and awaiting her shower.  Three knew what was coming. She new just how fucked she was…about to be splattered with another girls piss and enema juices…and the Hitachi vibrated her.

A massive gush of enema juice blasted out of Ashlie’s ass and soaked Three’s face and hair — and Three came harder than she ever knew was possible –and she kept cumming as the shower continued.

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