Body Bags


A body bag is piece of bondage and S&M equipment that is used for enclosing a person’s whole body.  it is usually used by people who have encasement and confinement fetish’s and fantasies.   They are usually close if not skin tight, once a person is inside they are also built so that the person cannot escape.  Straps and lacing are used to secure the subs arms to their torso’s.  Many different materials can be used to make a body bag including leather, latex, or even spandex (if it was made in the 80’s).
Body bags can be used for Surprise play where the sub is completely unaware of what the top is doing or where they are going to strike next.  Body Bags also work well with Temperature play using ice and heat as the sub has no idea which stimulant will be used next.  Long term bondage is also easy to do in  a body bag as most body bags do not stress the body during the bondage it’s self.   Body bags can also be great for sensory deprivation, as they often completely obscure sight and muffle sound.   Common enhancements to Body bags are hoods, straps to tie the arms and legs together or to the torso in the arms case.
The best use of body bags is to transport a slave to new locations and they will have absolutely no idea where they are going and being confined — and the sub will arrive tightly confined and in an aroused state — completely curious as to where they are.Some body bags have a panel that can be secured with snaps or zippers, allowing for the face panel to be easily removed or added.  This is ideal as it allows for communication with the sub and feeding.

Note: Depending on the material of the bag, it may be necessary to add a blindfold to ensure that no light can be seen by the sub.  It is easy to add a leather blindfolds by strapping it over the eyes and on top of the body bag.
When I’ve questioned slaves about such confining experiences, I often hear that they love the feeling of being completely encased: it gives a huge sense of safety and calm as if they were being hugged all over.


Body bags can be made from a variety of materials and each comes with it’s own set properties.  They can be made of latex or pvc but these do not breath and so should only be used for shorter time periods. That said, if the sub is confined and needs to pee…latex can take it no problem without being damaged. I recommend materials that breath such as gortex or leather. Leather, of course, can be extremely expensive as — well, bodybags use a lot of leather. 

This body bag has handy face snaps to lock the face piece in place.


The biggest safety concern with both Body Bags is Asphyxiation.  Most commercial body bags are set up so the sub can breath through the bag — although some are somewhat difficult to breath through.  The plastic, zip up body bags are for corprses and not intended for a live human to use. Do not assume that you can breath in them as they are a major suffocation hazard. It is both the Top’s and the bottom’s responsibility to constantly monitor the breathing and ability to breath of the victim.

The skin also needs to breathe.  If materials are used that don’t breathe, then your heart-rate and blood pressure may rise … but these should not be too significant to cause adverse effects over limited play periods of an hour or so.  I don’t know about longer times, however.  Still, every person is different so monitor your sub closely.   If
you want to keep your sub encased for long periods, use a natural fabric that breathes or gortex.

Finally, some people suffer from intense claustrophobia when fully encased which can result in extreme panic — especially when they can’t escape on their own.  This can result is a pronounced ‘freak-out’ — the best thing to do is release them ASAP and start by removing the coverings around the face and head to  substantially relieve the sensation.


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