Double Figure Eight Knots (Loop)

This is the first post I’m doing on knot tying, ropes and all things shibari — I still haven’t decided on the best format for this so you’ll have to bear with me.  I’m pondering making videos but…that seems like a lot of effort (I’ve won awards for shorts I’ve made — and I know me: I won’t be happy with the result unless I spend far too much time on it. So unless I resolve to do a crappy job on the video, it might not happen.)

Anyway, I haven’t mentioned how to tie knots before but, as a Dom/Domme you have a lot to learn…and ropes is one of those things that can’t be avoided.  I’m going to start with the double figure eight knot. Not because it’s the most useful or versatile (it’s not) but it’s easy to explain and remember.

How to tie a Double Figure Eight knot:

Basically, make a figure 8 with your rope and then…follow the 8 a second time.   The key points are
a) make a figure 8 [steps 1-3 below]
b) put the rope through the first part of the 8 you made and then run it back up the same way it came (this will be the actual loop in the end)  [step 4]
c) loop around the top of the eight and then under both the loop lines [step 4-5]
d) run it through both the top 8s [step 6]
e) cinch it tight.

I like this form of diagram. I think it’s easy to follow.
You like it too?
Here’s what it looks like in actual rope (before cinching):


Uncinched Double Figure Eight Knot

And here it is cinched:

Double Figure 8-knot
Note the wall with a tie point,
carabiner and rope with a double
figure 8 knot with a long loop.

I like using this pretty yet fairly strong knot for creating tie-offs that are good for attaching carabiners
to or for running other ropes through it in a sort of makeshift pulley.

Say your bed has no posts and generally lacks tie points (because you were given the bed…never, ever buy a bed that doesn’t have ample tie points!!!)  You can can tie a rope to a leg and then have it come up to a double figure eight knot that you can attach your girl to.   If you have a longer rope, run it around both legs (wrapping around each leg several times) and then put a double figure 8 at each end — so you can secure both arms or both feet.

If you have a tie point on a wall, you can run a rope from it and have it end in a double figure 8 loop knot so you can control exactly where your tie point is…and easily clip a carabiner to it. That configuration is handy because you can then go to the all tie point and adjust it so she is more…comfortable. >;)

While I don’t typically use this knot on the body of a girl, it is a great way to finish off a lose rope used to bind her.  It looks a lot nicer than a dangling end and will no doubt inspire you to run a rope through it and secure her to something.


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