Fuck a Friend Friday

Today is Fuck a Friend Friday!

You know that person you really get along well with? You have lots in common and feel comfortable together? Well, stop being an idiot: life is short and you obviously need push– and that’s where Fuck a Friday comes in!

Fuck a Friend Friday is the last Friday of every month. Why? Because it’s on the last Friday as a reminder life is short so just fucking do it.  Make a move. Don’t talk to her about it…don’t build it up…just get on top of her (or him) and say, “You know, I didn’t really notice it till just now, but you’re kinda hot” and kiss them.  If they put up resistance, explain it’s Fuck a Friend Friday and fuck it, you’re my friend!

This is similar to Steak and Blowjob Day — but better because it’s bringing friends much closer together.  It’s such a good holiday — that the powers that be have made it a monthly event.

You’re welcome. 😉


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