How to make Girls Squirt

how_to_shejaculateI have done several posts on squirting and milking the cum out of a girl like one milks a cow.  But I haven’t explained exactly how this
is done.

The answer is…really really easily. From my experience, every girl
I’ve tried to make squirt…squirts. It’s 100%.  It may not happen
the first attempt…but it always happens.  Buy following this
guide, I’ll teach you exactly how it’s done. And I’ve done this
hundreds of times so you’re getting the info from a pro.

First of all…get the girl aroused and hot and bothered.  She
should ideally be close to cumming. I could go into detail but for
the time being I’ll assume you’re not a total noob and can not only
find the clit but you also know what to do with it.

Now that she’s hot, wet and on the verge of cumming, insert a finger

spiderman_female_ejaculationtwo into her vaginal opening with your palm facing up. Either use your index finger, your index and middle finger, or your middle and ring finger in a ‘Spiderman’ type position.  Now make a ‘come
hither’ type motion with your fingers (curl them up into the roof of her vagina.)  Feel the texture of the room of the top of her vaginal canal. There will be a rough patch here and that is your target area. Congratulations, you just found her G-spot!
From here, there are several options but they all work on the same concept: above the rough patch is the actual G-spot and this gland needs to be massaged. You can do this continually making the
come-hither motion against the rough patch or using the Spiderman grip push up and then pull back so you fingers so they hit the back of her pubic bone (if you weren’t curling your fingers upwards, you’d just pull your fingers out of her.) That’s the basic dynamics of it that should, with repeated motions, cause her to squirt.

But I’ve found the key is teasing it forward…which can be pretty subtle at first (meaning, while it first starts to happen…you kinda have to know what to look for.)  Later on when she’s about to cum…it’s hard to miss.  Anyway, you can’t actually push up against the cervix or this releases her desire to push…and you want her to press into your fingers — so you have to hint that your fingers are close…but not actually let her touch them.  You will feel her squeezing harder and harder, pushing further and further down her vaginal canal so keep moving your fingers closer to the opening as she gets more excited.   Eventually, when she reaches her peak of excitement, she will push out and the cervix will be pressed right against the vaginal opening.  (Note: this is not required for squirting per se, but it does dramatically increase the volume ejaculated.)



Now it’s time for the pro tips. You can talk to her and get her to squeeze and push her muscles to further facilitate squirting. But from experience, lot of girls have no idea what is going on in there
and relax/pull when they are attempting to squeeze.  So talk to them, but you’ll also have to guide them and give them feedback when
they are doing the right thing. But the more they squeeze down on your fingers, the more effective it is.

To coax the cervix forward, you have to tease it forward.  So as you
are rubbing the g-spot, extend your fingers somewhat to feel where
the cervix is and how tight she is gripping you.  The ‘right’
vaginal muscles for this tend to squeeze from the back and as they
squeeze more intensely, the grip moves further forward.  This is the
muscles you want to tease and encourage to squeeze farther and
farther forward. You will notice that as she gets more and more
excited, these muscles squeeze and push further and further forward
until they make one last big push and forcefully eject a wave of

The other aspect is the cervix….if you want to get a really big
squirt out of her.  The cervix is the ‘far end’ of her vagina and
contrary to popular belief…it can move! Specifically, as she gets
closer and closer to a squirting orgasm, it comes closer to the
vaginal opening and with a bit of practice and skill, you can help
coax it forward all the way to the opening so it is visible while
she squirts.

One last tip: she can’t squirt easily with your fingers inside her.
She’s pushing out with all her might but your fingers pushing back
can actually stop or decrease the squirting.  (Again, as with the
note at the end of the last paragraph, she can squirt with your
fingers in her…but I’m talking about a really large volume squirt

Being pushed out by the squirter

Training you sub to squirt like this regularly,  coaching her to get familiar with how her muscles feel when they are pushing correctly (and giving her feedback).  There is a considerable side benefit to
this which is she can squeeze your cock really tightly.

Also, I have found with this ‘squeeze and push’ type orgasm, it becomes fairly easy for her to squeeze and push your cock right out of her as she cums…which is great, in my opinion, as then you can
look down and see your cock being sprayed with her clear jizz.

If you are concerned about it, you can get a bedwetting underpad
used for toddlers.  I’ve also tried inflatable beds that are plastic
and therefore impermeable to the liquid.  On particular instance on
such a bed created a literal pool of her ejaculate that was about 8
inches deep at the center (my weight was on that spot and the bed
was under-inflated) and the puddle was about 1 foot and a half in
radius.   So we are talking a lot of fluid her.

No, it’s not pee. My proof? I made a girl squirt just over 2 litres
(measured because this Daddy Dom is a nerk, ok?!?)  Then immediately
afterwards, she said, “OMG, I really gotta pee.” So, since I had the
measuring cup handy anyway, I downed her jizz quickly and then
watched her pee out an amazing 900ml of pee.  This is a larger
bladder size than most girls but since then I confirmed that she
could hold up to 1.1 litres when filled to utter desperation.  But
the point is, there’s no possible way for her to hold 2litres in her
bladder and pee that out mistaking it for ejaculate and then
immediately pee out another litre.  No human has anywhere close to a
3 liter bladder and therefore, it’s gotta be something else — but
it’s definitely not pee.

As mentioned above, she can squirt out a LOT of fluid.  I once had a slave whom I tied up and milked mercilessly for a couple hours.Afterwards she was completely wasted and out of it — which I took to be from excessive cumming.  I drove her home and dropped her off at her boyfriend’s place (note: bad bad me).  She told me that she had the worst headache for 2 days afterwards.  It was much later, when I was living in the Middle East that I realized that I had made

her extremely dehydrated from squirting. So this IS a real safety risk.  Be sure to keep her well hydrated. Both before squirt play and during.


Some additional notes: She’s gonna soak the bed. Girls squirting like this have made wet spots on my bed 4 feet by 3 feet.  The ejaculate is clear and dries odorless so don’t worry about it smelling afterwards. It also usually doesn’t leave any marks on the sheets whatsoever –though it occasionally can leave some very subtle watermarking. That said, ever girl is different.

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