Milking Slaves

This post is on milking slaves. Or at least what I call milking:
forcing a slave to cum so that she squirts into a container so that she is creating tasty orgasm-based beverages for me.  I am not talking about training a slave so that her breasts lactate and produce milk for me…I wouldn’t want to do this mostly due to the
unwanted side effect of breasts getting bigger when they lactate.
It is also not to be confused with any form of milk enema — as
those are an entirely different breed of milk maid.  No, milking
slaves is making them cum for the express purpose of providing me
with drinks.

Like masturbating and cumming, being milked get much easier over
time. Initially it may be hard for a slut to squirt as she is
completely unaccustomed to it and hasn’t learned how her body does
it.  There is a post here on squirting and since this is essentially
identical, I refer you to that post.

But the milking aspect differs from squirting in the following
ways:  A slut who is milked is forced to produce a certain volume of
squirt juices each and every day. This squirted cum is not just sprayed over the room but gathered for consumption by her Master.

An example of this could be that I know I am getting home from work at 5pm. So when I walk through the door, I want to have the slave hand me a martini glass of her still warm squirt juices so that I
may have a nice relaxing beverage after a long day’s work.

It’s the ritualized aspect that  is key here: she should have to do this regularly to get good at it.  Of course, as I’ve mentioned
elsewhere… squirt juices from a girl cumming contains her energy at the moment of orgasm. And since I am highly sensitive to energy…drinking a glass of her cum will usually make me cum after
a few minutes. For this reason, you will gather way I enjoy milking so much.

Now even better than the squirted cum from one slave is the squirted cum of several slaves all mixed together (besides, more slaves can make more of this tasty beverage!)  And there just plain is no reason why they shouldn’t help each other squirt.

The thing I like most about milking slaves is it is quantifiable: you can demand a certain amount of milk to be produced from your sluts and then I can measure it to see if punishments need to be issued. A good amount to demand is 500ml per slave per day.

And practice makes perfect! The more she squirts the easier it is for her to squirt. In fact, she may lose the ability not to squirt and will frequently soak the bed whether  you like it or not (I ALWAYS like it!)

Of course, there is also a certain amount of satisfaction from extracting the squirt juices myself…and watching them squirt! It’s also fun to train her and watch her squirt from large objects inserted in her such as massive dildoes and smooth baseball bats of various diameters. So sexy…and then watch her squirt as you pull it out…priceless!

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