On Being Thin Pt.2

This girl is crazy hot-so yummy! <3

In a previous post On Being Thin, I described the health benefits of
being thin and also explained how being thin makes girls a lot
hornier.  Well, this post is going to be about what I do with that
info. From things that I like to see to rules for my slaves to help
them stay thin for me.

Let’s start off  with rules: I love for my slave to be thin and want to make it as easy as possible to make that happen for both of us.


Same girl…still hot!

Rule #1
As I mentioned in the previous post, fasting is apparently a very good thing for the body.  So, to encourage fasting, a slave will
have 2 days a week were she eats only a tiny little breakfast or if she prefers a small lunch.  The slave will drink lots throughout the day but if she notices herself feeling very hungry or her stomach grumbling, she will have to masturbate to thin girls for me.  This
way, she associates being thin and hungry with being horny:  a perfect mix.

Rule #2
Despite being thin being associated with eating disorders like
anorexia and beleemia, I most certainly don’t encourage eating
disorders.  To be sure that my slaves don’t go down that path, the
key element of control must be in my hands.  I can order her to a
large chocolate cake if it pleases me and she will have to eat it
all. And she is not, under any circumstances, allowed to cause
herself to puke
 with just 2 exceptions.  1) if she has eaten
something that she believes is poisonous or hazardous and inducing
vomiting is the correct behavior to keep herself healthy for me. 2)
if she must puke, she may only do so by gagging on my cock and
puking all over it.  This ensures I know about every instance of her
puking and can monitor it correctly and make sure it does not get
out of hand.  This is especially for girls who have already been
struggling with this eating disorder — and can give her a very
viable and accepting way to vent and share the experience without
having to hide it shamefully.  And if you think I am hugely
entertained by repeated bouts of eating whole tubs of ice cream and
cookies and then puking it on my cock…sure,  I can enjoy that a
bit…but I certainly won’t be allowing you  to do this endlessly
while spiraling out of control. I will redirect these impulses.

Rule #3
A sex slave will weigh herself every day and report her weight to me.  This allows me to track your weight and monitor it for you.  Also, I know that weight naturally fluctuates somewhat so  the important thing is remaining aware and knowing that you will have to report your weight to your Master also is a strong willpower enhancer. And
if that fails, there’s always nipple clamps. *evil grin*

Rule #4
Exercise is good for you!   Even simple things like walking and biking to get around. I would MUCH rather see you eat more than you are currently eating while exercising a bunch and gaining some
weight in muscle while losing body fat over starving yourself.  Ot if you’re going to play game online…use a machine at the same time!

Mental and Emotional States:
Girls usually are sensitive about their weight and looks…there’s a lot of societal pressure. So my goal is to assist her…being the coach, the personal trainer and the inspiration. If she feels fat and ugly…she’s not going to want to fuck. She’s going to want to curl up in a ball covered with blankets. So be extremely kind and sensitive! Your responsibility is her mental state…so keep her mind correctly focus and empower her always. She should look and feel hot…not look hot and feel awful.

And now, my preferences:
I prefer girls that are really skinny. Why? Because skinny, weak
little girls make terrific little sluts. A weak and very skinny girl
just seems submissive to me.  And my mind has come to associate
skinny with horny. And you being skinny with you submitting to my
control. It’s all good.

So I’d like to give a few examples of things I personally find
really hot…and I expect my slaves to adjust their taste
accordingly so that they like these things too.

Hip bones — being able to clearly see hip bones is so damn wonderful. They also make great love handles (nothing like a good grip while fucking!)




SMALL BOOBS — Skinny girls don’t have huge, ugly udders…they have beautiful, perfectly

proportioned boobs.  Tiny boobs on a tiny frame are the ultimate in sexy.  (Some girls refuse to believe that this is a real preference — and I’ve used this insecurity against them…however, they eventually found out that my humiliating usage of words like “flat”, “tiny” and “double a” were really the highest compliment I have. So yeah, the emotional roller coaster…enjoy it…but it ends on a massive upswing!)  

Cut pelvis — see the lines drawing attention like an arrow to her pussy? Divine! Also known as the ‘vee’ it is truly awesome to behold.

Visible Ribs —  see those ribs? I think they are sexy. I just do. <3

The Gap:  Notice how there is a gap between her legs? Very nice! Girls whose thighs touch everywhere…just can’t hold a candle to this!


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