The Best Daddy Doms

Right. You are a Daddy Dom.

You can fuck a babygirl like no other.
Teach her how to suck her Daddy’s cock.
Make her make those cute little girl noises that you love so much.
Make her cum for Daddy.
Beat her senseless.
COOL. You’ve got like, a small portion of this dynamic down.
As someone who enjoys being with littles as often as possible, the things listed above are an awesome bonus for your girls. But when I can’t get my other needs fulfilled, “bedroom Daddies” don’t end up being enough for most little girls.
She will worry, “Are you still going to be my Daddy outside the bedroom? Outside the house?”  or, “Can you hold me when I am scared?”

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A good Daddy will help you make decisions that are too complex.  This can be as simple as what socks match your dress best, or which stuffie to bring to bed.

Stick with her through my tantrums. Then discipline her in a loving way that will help her learn and not just scare her into obedience.As always, you have to win her heart and guide her mind. Daddy has to earn his respect. But on the plus side, the loyalty Daddy gets when he does this is massive. She truly loves and adores him — not simply obeying because she is scare. She obeys because that is who she is — it fulfills her.  Just as her obeying fulfills me.

You have to get into her mind. “Do you have a true interest in the puppies and flowers and friends and people and fun things I saw when I was away from you that I want so badly to tell you all about? (Usually very quickly and excitedly!)”  The answer is, of course: yes. (Though you may have to make her talk a bit slower so you can understand.)  I care about the things she cares about because, well, I care about her being my sweet and innocent little girl. It opens my heart.

Other things to consider: Can you realize that sometimes, when she is roleplaying certain ages, that she can’t understand things she might understand easily as a Big? Can you explain those things to her?

Will you watch her favorite cartoons with her before bed? Read her favorite book to her?
Brush her hair? Tie her shoes? Bathe her or wash her in the shower?And for God’s sake! Will you tuck her in at night?!?

And most importantly, do you want to do these things for her? To build your Daddy/little relationship? And because, well Daddy loves his little girl?

Will you ask for a coloring book and crayons for her when you’re out together at restaurants? Ask yourself, “How would I feel being with my little girl at a restaurant with her stuffie?”

Remember her stuffies names? Know how serious a lost stuffy is?

cute girl dressed as a cat for halloween

The worst excuse for a Daddy I’ve ever known actually stabbed a stuffed bunny for revenge on his little girl. In my opinion, he should’ve gone to the Humane Society and asked to be put down following such an incident — so profound was his lack of Daddy-ness.

Ask yourself:
1) Will you take her fears seriously, no matter how trivial they may seem?
2) Can you reassure her and support her?
3) Help her be a better little girl? Not only for you, but for herself and everyone else?
4) Do you have the patience that is needed for a little girl?
5) Can you make sex a fun and essential part of the Daddy/little girl relationship?

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If you are only set to buy your partner stuffies every so often, get off on her calling you Daddy, and you calling her your little girl… You may want to reevaluate how you are putting yourself out there. For the little girls who are looking for a Daddy outside of the bedroom as well, it can be hard having to find one who fits their non-sexual little girl needs. Her little needs to be supported and cared for emotionally, mentally, and physically as well as sexually.

If a Daddy can do these things for her…
She can learn. She can be a good girl. She can feel safe and loved. No amount of money spent on hello kitty items can compare to the simple acts it takes to make her feel safe as a little girl.
This is how this dynamic works for me. This is in no way to judge “bedroom Daddies” as some call them. No kink is better than anyone elses, all are legitimate. But just know that some littles need more than that. <3
Why do littles act the way they do?
Why does this persona come out? Fuck if I know. Why do some of kinksters dress like kittens and get fucked? And does it matter?  As long as she’s horny and turned on by it. I  love to feel so turned on by her most of the time that her little comes out. So let her be that little girl. And love her as fully as you would your child…but enjoy her like a woman.
Who is her little?
Her little is her escape. When she is little she is free to feel things. She shows me that she can be vulnerable and grow from it. She has a sense of innocence and her little makes it alright for her to feel shy. Or mischievous.  She loves to please. She loves to have fun. She is not her real age but forever the age revolves around innocence. This is a key part of age play. She doesn’t have to worry about anything and is free to be as sweet and carefree as a child.
Why is she drawn to Daddy figures?
I do not want to fuck someone while pretending I am their biological father.  I don’t get off

on acting like a birth father. I get off on the idea of what a Daddy is. A person who is strict, but loving.. Who will give punishment when needed and kiss away the pain. A person who is interested in bettering their bottom/girl/slave and does not have fully selfish motives when topping. Not all girls crave a big headed, egotistical Dom who treats women like shit because he is a man and should deserve to be in charge. (Good lord, please don’t think I am knocking you if that’s what you are into…and that too can be fun –don’t get me wrong!) But to me, being a Daddy is a great way to roleplay in such positive ways that opens each others hearts to one another.  Does Daddy love his little girl? Of course he does. Will he ever take that love away? Are you KIDDING ME?? You’re my daughter for christsakes! I’ll love you forever. We are family.

Little girl, I want you to know that it’s ok to love your Daddy with all your heart. Put your trust in him. He’s not going to let you down or suddenly abandon you. He’s here for you all-ways.

Some littles learn how to open up with partners and even orgasm for the very first time… overcoming the self-consciousness and being allow to just be, enjoy and relax.   She need to be taken care of. Yes, sometimes babied. I sometimes need a slavegirl in a position where things aren’t taken from her, but given to her. It allows me to express my love and appreciation for her.  Sometimes she may even think she is being given more than she can handle (eg. Daddy knows some twisted games to play that we can’t tell anybody else about), but a cuddle and a “good girl” afterwards reassures her that she is stronger than she thought.
This mind set is not for everyone. We all look for different ideals in a partner.
I’m just needing to get this off my chest because I have felt very judged lately, and though I have no desire to change, I had a desire to explain myself.  Personally, I love little girls who are immature 12 year olds.  Girls wanting to roleplay being 8-13 seem so sweet to me as they are adorable, yet they love their Daddy with their whole big hearts! They are old enough to want to serve Daddy and yet they may need to prove to Daddy that even though they are young: they can do anything an older girl can do.


Good luck in your kinky adventures, and stay true to yourself.

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