The Test

The Test  – Part 1
When I come home, I see a note on the table. It says on that simply,
” obey this “. I opened up the note and read it. It
instructs me to go downstairs and put on my leather cuffs,
and ankle cuffs.  Then I am to wait, while pondering exactly what it
means to be a slave. .
Obediently, I go downstairs and strip naked. I put on my slave gear –of course, I am already wearing a metal collar — the collar that never comes off. Then I wait to
in my usual position, and submissively think of my life as a slave.

I hear the door open behind me and you walk toward me.

Turn around and look at your Master, bitch.

I turn around, and when my eyes register you, my heart skips a beat.
You’re wearing a full leather hood
from Northbound Leather with a leather cape and sleeves but your chest is bare down to your black leather pants. Damn you look hot. I
feel my knees go weak.

You think you are beautiful enough for me? You don’t deserve me. So
going to make you pay. Turnaround.

You granb me by my hair and pull my head back very hard. Then forcefully you take
my arm and twist it behind my back. I yield to you as you push me
forward towards the rack. My hand is held up roughly and then quickly tied in place. Then my other arm and legs– so
that I am uncomfortably spread-eagled. Then you’d click the elastic
bungee cords to my neck collar so that I am pulled in opposite directions and I really can’t move it all.

You like what you see?

Yes Master.
I don’t think you fully appreciate what I offer you here. And I
don’t like the tone of your voice.
What? Oh no! Master is in one of those moods where there is only wrong answers — though some answers are much more wrong than others. I know I am screwed.  Meanwhile, you have retrieved something from your trunk of horrors — and I see now it is a rubber bite bar.
This should solve that problem.
You roughly force the
bite ball into my mouth and strap it in place.
That’s better. Now you like you are ready to
submit to me. Of course, you always are submitting to me aren’t
you? You are my little slave, so everything you do is for me. So
make sure that all your thoughts are with my pleasure in mind. Do
you understand?
Slap. Hard across my face.
I nod.
Good. Now first of all, look at how you are standing… your sole
purpose is to look good for me. You are a pretty slave, but
you have to look your best for me. So stand up straight. Belly IN. Stick out your flat little chest that you try to pass off as tits.
[You scratch these areas as you touch them to re-enforce
your statement]
. When you think about your body, think about it
being totally beautiful. Project beauty from every pore. Project
beauty from your face, because that is what I want see. That is what
you have to give me. Are you going to look beautiful for me from now

I’m nod again.
Good. Now there is a second, and very important thing, that I wanted
to get through your slutty little skull.
You move in close so that I can feel the heat from your body
radiating against my chest. You look me in the eyes, and smile.
Then you rub your hand around my nipples, threatening to pinch…. as I wilt under your caress.

You know that I own every aspect of your being. I control you. I
control your thoughts and your will. And all you have to do, as my
willing slave, is to obey me. You understand that it is my right to
hurt you. I can hurt you, I can fuck you, I can make it do anything
at please. 

You get out shorter pieces of rope and start securing me tighter to the cross. I start to prepare myself for the ordeal that will surely come.

But there’s one thing that I’ve noticed that I want to
change. You see, when I hurt you, you make these faces like you want
me to stop. These stupid pleading little selfish faces that take
away from my pleasure of hurting you. Make those faces because
you’re stupid little slut. Well, no more. From now on, I want you
to look like you’re enjoying it. Because I know you are, because
your such as huge slut. So when I hurt you, like this
fiercely pull on my nipple, squeezing hard as you do so]
look at me with adoration and joy.

You tie fast, adding rope after rope so I am completely immobilized.  Helpless. Yours. From now on, you are to keep my pleasure in mind first. That means
that every time I hurt you, I want you to look turned on. Of course,
you’re such a whore that everything I do to you turns you on. But
from now on, I want you to look it.

And more than that, the more I hurt you, the more I want you to give
yourself to me. Do you think you can handle that?
I nod again.
Good, because I’m in the mood to test your understanding. And you better pray that you can pass the test.

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