Epic Orgasms — Passing Out


Yeah, you can cum so hard you can pass out. I’ve made it happen. And it gives a certain sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

It combines forced orgasms with squirting, forced female ejaculation (what I like to call, “Milking”) and relentless effort to force her to cum for me.  It combines excessively well with the Hitachi Magic Wand, rope bondage, the Sybian and other tools….hell, even hypnosis (something I’ve yet to discuss at all.)

But you can’t get a girl to do this to herself and it’s very difficult to do so without bondage restraints of some sort as she will reflexively convulse to throw your vibe off and stop the stimulation so she do

Orgasm face

esn’t have a meltdown that fries all her brain circuitry. Well, since that’s the goal here: making her cum so damn hard she passes out — well, we can’t have that.


Now, in all honesty, it’s not going to make her pass out.  True, she will appear impassive and non-

responsive — but this is just because you have forced her into a different state of consciousness.  Believe it or not, this is fairly well documented by hypnotists and I’ve put people in this state just by using my voice and hypnotizing them (hence my comment earlier…I really should do a hypnosis post.)

The thing about this state, known as the somnambulistic state, is the person remains fully aware and conscious…they just as so blissful that they don’t WANT to react to anything and are quite oblivious to pain as well.


Now the easiest way to achieve this is a) frequent orgasm training b) condition her mind c) use quality tools like a sybian, d) be awesome enough to get her to fully relax and trust you.

And it you make her pass out…don’t panic.

Since the somnambulistic state makes it so your little subby is unable to feel pain, DO NOT try to hurt her to get her out of it! It won’t work but it could damage her (she’s doesn’t feel the pain but she’s not immune to damage you video-game playing dumbass!)     She has to decide to come out of the state on her own — and  this can take a good amount of time, but it can’t be rushed.

So don’t hurt her. Just protect her and look after her physical body as she’s kind of out of it.  Also, don’t do anything like call an ambulance on her…she’s fine, really. If she could speak, she’d tell you she was, “Foxy fine” 😉

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