Female Condoms

You might not think of condoms as a particularly sexy thing –
especially female condoms.  Actually, not a lot of people have used
female condoms nor do they know their benefits.  So I’d like to
share my experiences with these as they most definitely have a place
in my toolbox.  I will cover what female condoms are, the benefits
and downside to them, how to use them and then how I like to use
them and why.I’ve only ever used one brand of female, FC,  and honestly,
they seem to work pretty well. Unlike regular condoms, they are
polyurethane and not latex.  It is basically a clear baggy
with a large and a small flexible ring built in.  When put inside
the girl, the female condom is held outside by the large ring. The
whole purpose is to provide barrier protection by eliminating
contact between genital regions.To use the female condom, squeeze the small ring and stuff it in and
deep up her pussy.  So far, I haven’t found a really graceful way to
do this — but still, it’s easier and more graceful than a male
condom –especially because it can be inserted way in advance of
use.  The package says you can leave it in for 8 hours with no
problem.  You can lube up the outside a bit so it feels better for
her — but I haven’t found this necessary as she is usually
producing lube on her own.  Lubing up the inside is essential
however! It makes sliding in her way easier and also, it tends not
to dry up due to the fact it isn’t exposed to air. Then, when you
are hard, you enter her as normal…just make sure you aim at the
big hole. If, under normal circumstances, you can enter her reliably
with accidentally going in her ass then you should be fine. (It is
tricky, I know…if she wasn’t guiding me towards her mouth, I’d go
for her nose every time during a blowjobs. Maybe even her ear.)

First off, I really prefer female condoms to the male ones. They
feel way way better and the sex feels more natural (for me,
anyway.)   Once it is in, you can do stuff like make out with
her…get hard…and then, when it feels right, slip into her. So
sex feels far more spontaneous and less pressured than with a
condom.  With a traditional condom, I always feel like when I get
ready to fuck her…I’ve got a raging hard on and we a passionately
kissing to the point and right when my desires is at it’s peak–
when I want to enter her most, more in the world I want to be in
her…and suddenly I’m no longer touching her at all but looking
down at my cock trying to rapidly squeeze it into a little bag.
Additionally, male condoms work best with a raging hard on…but if
you don’t get it on fast enough the stress can make you go a bit
softer — which in turn makes it harder to get on…and next thing
you know you are awkwardly struggling and apologizing and generally
scoring no points on the sexy scale.  So you’re inside her…latex
is a good insulator meaning that with normal condoms her hot pussy
feels a luke-warm pussy. Oh, and once you get in her, your sensation
is around 30% of what you would feel without the condom on  (unless
you use a good one…which you really should use…I’ll do a post on
quality condoms soon.) So less sensation also doesn’t help the whole
hard-on situation and generally the whole affair loses some of it’s

Ok, now let’s say you decide to use a female condom…I’ll go over
the same scenario as before but with using a female condom.  FIrst
off, you have to put it inside her. This is the worst part. Why?
Because if she’s not your slave, you have basically got to get her
to commit to having sex with you well in advance — which adds
pressure, expectation and the likelihood of fucking it up goes way
up. Oh, and if she’s never had one in, you have to do it for her
–which is gonna make her more self-conscious and the whole, ‘this
is crazy and should we be doing this?’ factor drops to approximately
zero.  Balls. Ok, so you get it in her and lube it up. Now what?

Get her some wine or a joint and take it easy. Give her a massage.
When it feels right…make out withher. Then, when you a filled

with desire…enter her and fuck as normal. By now it will be fully
warmed up to her body temperature. Also, the polyurethane of the female
condom is vastly superior to transferring body heat…so it feels
like going in a hot pussy…and the sensation…while not 100%
natural, still feels vastly better –worlds better — than normal
condoms. Female condoms feel almost like unprotected sex to me. It
so much better that there really is no comparison. That, with the
ability to spontaneously go in her when it feels right…makes this
a big winner.  I’ve actually panicked a couple of times thinking
that I’d somehow slipped around the female condom and was in her
unprotected and impregnating her with overly zealous seed. Upon
looking down…nope. It just felt like I was in her pussy bare. This
has never once happened while wearing a male condom with the awful
and sex-stopping exception of when the bloody thing burst.

Other advantages of female condoms include: there is no latex so
people with latex allergies can use them. Guys that have difficulty
using condoms and have problems staying hard due to decreased
sensation…will fucking love these.  If oil gets on a female condom
from a massage it will stay intact rather than self-destruct like
latex condoms.  The female condom covers and protects against STIs
far more effectively than regular condoms as the amount of skin to
skin contact is much less. They are also less likely to rupture or
accidentally slip off.

In a moment I will explain the real advantages that make female
condoms a godsend. But before I hit that, I gotta list off the
downsides.  Once it’s in, female condoms look like an odd baggy is
sticking out of her pussy (which is the case.)  Girls I’ve talked to
seem to feel about the sensation identically to how guys feel about
male condoms (so if you don’t enjoy using a male condom…you can
give her the same experience so she can understand your perspective.
Additionally, oral sex is less fun because you’ve got to work around
the baggy — or conversely, safer as you can use it as a dental dam
and lick her clit through the female condom (so this could be an
advantage??)  The other disadvantage is price: they tend to cost
about $3 to $6 each so they definitely cost more than most regular

Now let’s look at how female condoms come into their own: threesomes
and switching holes! If you are having a 3-some and want to go from
one girl to the next safely and easily…female condoms are a
godsend.  Simply use two female condoms and bam…you’re good to go.
Switch holes as freely and as often as you like. The girls don’t
have to worry about giving each other yeast infections and the
like…their pussies remain fully protected the entire time. Want to
come up for a quick BJ intermission? With a female condom you can
just do it. (None of this: 1) pull out 2) remove the condom 3) go in
her mouth 4) get a new condom 5) put the damn thing on 6) go back in
her pussy. With the female condom, just do steps 1, 3 and 6…the
fun parts.)  If you’re just worried about pregnancy (gack, I am!)
You can go from her ass to her pussy and back as often as you
want…with no risk of giving her a nasty yeast infection or worst
as fecal matter is not a pussy’s best friend — with a standard
condom, once you go in her ass you are pretty much committed. Hell,
even with no condom you are committed to her ass. (Note: to keep
Ashlie’s pussy safe, I find it best to just fuck her ass. heh heh.)

Another great thing about them is, you can keep it in her for a long
time. Say you wanted to fuck the slave off and on over the course of
7 hours.  You could use normal condoms and go through a box — or
use just one female condom and just fuck her repeatedly. The only
time I personally like to change female condoms is if I cum in it —
as my little guys like to swim into places they aren’t welcome and
won’t take no for an answer…so it’s best to limit their

So in summary, if you have problems with regular condoms or just
want a superior experience — try out the female condom. It’s kinda
weird but worth it.  Now if you’re having a 3-some*…these babies
are indispensable and will greatly improve everyone’s experience.

*assuming a 2-female, 1 male threesome.

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