Forced Bisexuality

forced-kissingIt being Pride week, I made a prior post about bisexuality but now I want to address what can be done with it. First of all, I really don’t like to date girls that are not bi. However, I do get a certain sense of satisfaction from enforcing bisexuality. When they are bi, there is so much more you can do with them.  As a Dom, giving her no choice about
her actions adds a whole dimension of possibilities to her life with a whole new set of feelings. Bi girls also fit so much better into a poly lifestyle and household. And finally, being bi helps complete her transformation from good girl to wanton slut.

I have a fairly strict policy of only taking on bi subs that are open to poly.  (If you are unfamiliar with polyamory, see my post about it here.)  Bi girls are more sexual with a higher libido, orgasm more easily and tend to be much more likely to know what they want/need in bed. Additionally, they will get turned on by both the girls and the boys in porn and in real life — which makes them great just to share and appreciate beauty.  But ultimately, I’ve found bi girls to be far
more likely to understand a deep level, grok even, the need to be with more than one person because they just get that it’s impossible for one person to completely satisfy all of their needs.  If she needs both cock and pussy — she’s obviously used to looking at multiple options on the
menu.  So if other girls are introduced, a bi poly slut sees the direct benefit to her and is way less likely to freak out with a jealousy meltdown.

I also want to say here that I just plain have a tendency to attract girls that are bi. Not really sure why. I dated girls that pretty much date girls exclusively and I’ve been told that I know how to flirt like a girl when need be. (These kind of girls don’t respond so well to the cave man approach of just grabbing them but take a far more subtle tact.) I’ve dated girls that have ended up marrying girls. And I also don’t have the build up in my head about being with 2 girls at once being some sort of holy grail.  Hell, I’ve made out with 5 girls at the same time and had more 3-somes than I can count. I’ve lived in a triad more than once so 3-somes are just another way to have sex…like a blowjob.  But I also don’t have the weird ideas that guys have that a girl is bi so she can have 3-somes with me.  She’s bi so she’s attracted to girls WITHOUT me in the picture. If I want a 3-some, the girls both have to have a close connect with each other and with myself — and that
is definitely not something you can just assume.

My Dom style enjoys the enforcing of bisexuality.  I don’t like to leave it an option open to debate. No, a good little sexpet will be bi.  Of course, the girls that work with deeply want to be bi and do things with girls but often feel social constraints that inhibit them from acting on their bi urges.  So basically, I am forcing her to do the things she wants to do in her heart of hearts.

I can work with a girl who finds it deeply humiliating to be forced to do things
to a girl when their preference is men. This is deeply fun to do as even a simple kiss can humiliate her.  Especially in public. ha ha.  Making a girl do things she finds degrading such as being with a girl —
it’s like crack to me. She needs to do this often so that she knows her place and has no illusions about her being a pure sex slave.

The other aspect that really rocks my world is taking complete and total control of her sexuality.   I control when she masturbates (see Forced Masturbation) , the number  of orgasms she has a day (see Demanding Orgasms), the kind of clothes she wears (see Appropriate Slutwear),  where she pees, what she puts inside of her and…who she has sex with.  Making 2 slaves eat each other out is
wonderful as they can make each other cum…which I find fulfilling to watch.  If more than 2 slaves are involved it’s even better. But I am happy just to grab them by the hair and make them kiss.  The important thing is: she loses control of her sexuality and it becomes something in
my control.

Of course, with a fetish for female ejaculation, having bi sluts to pleasure and milk each other is wonderful wonderful thing.  Girls can make each other squirt — which I could anal-3some-bi-girlswatch endlessly — and then give me the fruits of their labor in a delicious beverage!  And what better way to confirm that the girls have been playing well with each other than seeing the squirts they have collected (see Milking Slaves.)

Having bi subs also opens up a window to all sorts of creative play.  I
do enjoy seeing girls play with toys and asses: and of course, this
opens the door to forcing a girl to pull a toy out of the other slave’s
ass and put it in her mouth. She may also be deeply humiliated and turned on by having to stick her tongue up another girl’s ass or to taste her ass off of my cock.  She can be made to eat food out of her
holes  (do be sure to thoroughly wash the vegetables as there can be pesticides on them  which, aside from being poison, are also irritants.)
There are also a ton of uses for whipped cream.  Slaves can be tied up
together in positions where one can pleasure the other. Slaves can be forced to wear butt plugs together — tied up and completing to hold it in the longest.  And the slaves
can be tasked to make the other slave cum a certain amount of times.

It takes time and effort to keep sex slaves fully occupied throughout
the day and having other girls around is absolutely essential to making
sure the slaves are sexually focused the entire time. Also, having another girl or two around dressed as total sluts is a great encouragement and the girls get to have the added benefit of being surrounded by appealing eye-candy in sexy clothes.   Well, more than eye candy as these girls will want to fuck her and be doing things like masturbating to porn in front of her.

Porn is also a tool that is extremely helpful to guide a girl’s thoughtschained-bi-lesbians
and get her mind trained. She should and will have to masturbate to
girls in porn on a daily basis.  This is often deeply humiliating and
difficult for a girl at first — but it is a requirement.   She must
masturbate and look at images of girls while stimulating herself — and I
will guide her mind as to what to think.  She will learn to appreciate
the beauty of other women. She will learn to desire them. And she will
learn to love it.

A girl begins a transformation when she gives up her sexuality: she
becomes a sex slave. She should be more eager for women than men.  Not
that she won’t get cock — she will! But her sexuality is mine and she
will learn to like what I like.

To be honest though, I know that the girls want to do these things in
their heart of hearts but are way to shy to manifest the experiences on
their own. So I am just an enabler who helps the girls live out their life of fantasy. I certainly know that my sexpet Ashlie was extremely shy about girls when I started training her — and now? She’s such a slut that she now has a strong preference to cumming to females in porn everyday. She will gladly do anything at all to any female I suggest…but she will have some objections (knowing her) if the girl is hairy or overweight…so I do my best to only offer her the finest
selections. But I also take the responsibility for her actions completely out of her hands: she HAS to do this to please naked-3some-bisexualme.

Now here is where it gets complicated.  You see, I am poly at my core.
And I want the girls not only to physically love one another, but I want
them to feel a strong emotional connection as well.   And this is where
the concept of a slave-sister comes in.  Slaves are not allowed to be
catty or mean to one another.  No, instead, I want them to open their
hearts, minds and bodies to one another and gain a sister whom they
trust and adore.  They will develop are real relationship…but one
where they have the protection of the Master.  If one girl is mean or
pulls away…she will be severely beaten and punished. Why? Because her
job is to love.  She is a sexpet. A sex slave. And her job is to love
physically and emotionally. Nothing less will suffice.


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