Hitachi Attachments

magic-wand-massageI did a previous post on one of the best all round orgasm tools ever: Hitachi Magic Wand (go here and get one!! Your welcome.)  This is the most versatile tool for extracting orgasms ever invented. As I was writing that post, I realized that the attachments was a whole other post — from the variety of attachments to what you can do with them.

Attachments are important for 2 main reasons: 1) if you want to make her squirt — the attachments really help! 2) If you have more than one girl and are worried about keeping clean…having attachments you can add or remove will give everyone their own toy.

It comes all sorts of different attachments that also work wonders. From a g-spot attachment, an anal probe to an masturbater just for men.
The g-spot attachment is a squirt inducing masterpiece.

It just snaps on the end of the wand and you’re good to go. You can now use it with a slightly softer and more comfortable head…and you can put it inside you to make you cum and squirt. And believe me, you will squirt! ha ha  <evil grins> Now you’ll notice that this piece is a bit expensive…but it is worth it in my opinion.  It is made of high quality silicone so you can easily clean it and it will not harbor bacteria and other nasties.  And since you are going to use this a bunch –and you can’t easily clean the head of the wand itself…go for this.   The material itself is expensive (silicon is just plain pricey, even if you make your own toys) but there is nothing better to make your toys out of — just don’t use a silicon based lube on it!

If you would prefer green silicon with some fun textured ridges…then THIS is the attachment for you.

Both of these attachments are silicon and both are well suited to both solo and partnered play. And both are nicely curved to help her squirt.

There is other attachments, like this blue one:

And another anal version that looks very similar but is straight instead of curved.  I’ve owned them both and both worked for awhile then torn getting it on and became useless. Also, they are made of vinyl and so they are porous and hold bacteria well– even if you boil it.  So if you can, get the silicon ones — unless you just want to try out the concept to see if you like it and it ‘works’ for you.

Now boys, don’t worry, I also found this attachment just for boys! Of course, it’s not really needed. This powerful vibrator just needs to get close to your cock for you to enjoy it…and I have to be honest, I’ve not used this attachment but it looks REALLY intense to me!  Like crazy so.  If I had a boy slave…I would get this in an instant.

bondage-with-magic-wandThe g-spot attachments are absolutely brilliant for placing an enormous amount of vibration just on her g-spot and forcing her to squirt. I honestly don’t know why I haven’t seen more of them in porn or on squirt specialized sites.  They know about the  Hitachi Magic Wand but haven’t seemed to have discovered the attachments as of yet. Odd, as they are more more effective.

Another thing that’s great about the attachments is…anal sex. You fuck her, she’s got the attachment in her pussy and it’s like you’ve turned her ass into vibrating heaven.

Also, if you stick the attachment up her ass…it can ALSO make her squirt!! And is really really intense in the good way for anal orgasms.

So, while the attachments are required to have a good time…they definitely add to the fun!

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