Hitachi Magic Wand

thin-girl-black-bra-magic-wandOne of the best all round useful tools is the Hitachi Magic Wand (go here and get one!! Your welcome.)  This is the most versatile tool for extracting orgasms ever invented.  The power and strength of it is unmatched. It comes with a variety of attachments. It can be used in all sorts of different situations and configurations. And it’s sturdy, rugged and doesn’t require batteries.  If you are to get just one sex toy…get the Hitachi Magic Wand.

This may come off as some sort of add for the Hitachi…but it’s not. It’s based on literally thousands of orgasms and years of experience…since the 90s  . I’ve even had 3 of them stolen by ex-girlfriends –that’s how good it is.     Actually, 4 if you count Shane who got more than a little too attached to me and one of her crazy demands was: “I am keeping the Hitachi.” In truth, it was a small price to pay for extracting myself from her all-kinds-of-crazy (which included wanting me to stay withing 6 feet of her during Pride weekend because otherwise I would end up flirting with other people — which was technically correct but very specifically nuts!)  I joked recently with Ashlie that I had to take her Magic Wand away — but I couldn’t keep a straight face when I saw how panicked she looked.

So what makes it so good? Well it’s POWERFUL! It’s a goddamn orgasm on wheels! It is probably too much for the uninitiated. But I’ve used a bunch of vibes over the years and there’s certain frequencies and intensities that I can just touch and know, “Yup. That’ll work.”  Keep in mind I have an forced orgasm fetish. It’s my business to know what works. It’s got 2 speeds– low powerful and high powerful.  They are both orgasm inducing, just one is a lower frequency than the other.  But you need a wall plug to get this kind of power. But don’t be fooled –other wand vibes I’ve used have all sucked in comparison to the original (There may be cheap knockoffs that are good…but I can only confirm that there are crappy ones.)

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, it’s one of the few vibes that works just as well for men as it does for women.  Hell, it even works through someone else. Try that with ANY battery operated vibe.  I will give a word of warning though…it’s so powerful it can numb you fairly quickly — and Ashlie cried once when I left her tied up with the wand on her clit. I was confused until she explained, “Master, I don’t want to lose sensitivity there for you! :'(”

It comes all sorts of different attachments that also work wonders. From a g-spot attachment, an anal probe to an masturbater just for men.

The g-spot attachment is a squirt inducing masterpiece.

Actually, the attachments is a whole other post. 

But the main reason to use an attachment is to force her to squirt.  The intense vibration deep on her g-spot will milk her like crazy and she won’t have a choice but to squirt….even if she’s never squirted before.

Of course, the hitachi is a wonderful tool for forced orgasms. You put an Hitachi Magic Wand  on her clit and she’ll be begging to get permission to cum — and she will come with or without you permission (if you’re looking for a reason to punish her.)


That’s an hitachi on the end of the pole!

It is great for using while fucking her: she can easily put it on her clit while you fuck her pussy…and she will cum hard on your cock –plus you will feel the vibration strongly too!! Hell, you can feel it clearly while fucking her ass.  (See the article on attachments for more ass-fucking benefits.)

The Magic Wand is also great for using on her when she is bound. As long as you can get it near her clit…you should be ok. Even if her clit has ropes protecting it…the Wand will vibe right through it.   Additionally, do to the shape, it’s easy to tie it you things like a broom handle so that it’s kept in place, on target the whole time.

Girls will probably get overstimulated by this powerful beast and can go numb so be sure to switch it off and on and also change the speed. And I do mean turning it off… she can come in 20seconds with this vibe. Maybe 30 seconds. So leaving it on for 10 minutes is just cruel.


Good LORD!

Another thing I love about these wands is they are super rugged! I had one for 5 years of regular use before it required an repair (the cord needed replacing as the wires got stretched.). Hell, the one Ashlie uses many times a day is from 2006 and is going strong.   They seem to last forever. Honestly, the biggest risk is the girl stealing it — it’s way more likely.

Also on the theme of lasting forever: they don’t take any damn batteries either.  The number of times a toy has slowed due to batteries dying at a crucial moment…it’s such a letdown.  But the wand…will outlast your wildest desires.  (It may heat up a bit and need a rest…but that tends to happen when everyone needs a rest.)

I am totally and fully serious about this: this is the best sex toy I’ve ever owned. The Hitachi Magic Wand  is amazingly versatile, rugged, powerful and the price is almost nothing if you count it by $/hours of use or $/Orgasm…you’re still looking at under a penny.  If you are into squirting, milking the squirt out of your slave, forced orgasms or just quality sex toys…get one.


I have had 2 safety concerns with the Magic Wand. First, how to clean it…especially with multiple girls.  It’s electrical so soaking it in water doesn’t seem the best…so I’ve used alcohol and wiped it down thoroughly.  Still…adding a silicon attachment or a condom on the head is the way to go.


Proper squirt positioning

Speaking of water…this is a squirt-inducing-sexual-supernova-of-a-vibrator! I have never gotten so
much as a zap from this ….but goddamn, I wonder if I’ve been lucky.  This thing can make girls squirt like crazy so try to arrange it so she doesn’t squirt all over the main handle. I don’t know if they are made to be waterproof — but they should be!



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