When I say that you are mine, I don’t mean just while we arehaving sex.

I don’t mean that you are mine when I am in the mood for it.

I don’t mean that you are mine when you feel like it.

I mean you are fucking mine always, in all situations.

I mean mine when you are crampy and bloated.

I mean mine when you’re exhausted.

I mean mine when you just want to hide and be an isolated hermit.

This is no “fair-weather mine”…when my basement floods in my house: it’s still fucking mine.

When you feel all alone in the world….you are mine.

When you feel sick and snot is running down your face…you are mine.

Just like when you need help fixing something around the house, you are mine.

When I feel purely sadistic, you a most definitely mine.

When you think about not caring for your body, remember that you are mine.

You are mine to do anything I please with.  Everything you feel is for me because you are mine.

Your heart too is mine.  You can’t decide whom to love because you are mine: I do that for you.

When you need to visit the doctor or dentist, I will book the appointment because you are mine.

Mine. I don’t say it just to make you cum. I say it to reinforce your position in the world and how I see you.

Mine. That is how you will always see yourself.

Mine. Through everything, you will be mine.
-this post is dedicated to Ashlie and Kari

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