Polyamory 3 – with slaves

As I was traveling to St. Ives,
I met a man with 7 wives
Said he, “It’s much more fun
than gettting stuck with only one.”

Polyamory and slaves.

In previous posts, I’ve talked about polyamory in relationships, and also about the ethics and benefits of poly but
I haven’t explained how this fits into a BDSM relationship so I will
now take the opportunity to explain how I apply BDSM to poly

When I get a new slave, she must get along with the other slaves and
the other slaves absolutely must welcome her. Keep in mind that
this applies to permanent slaves that the intention is to collar.
This most definitely is not for casual play partners (although it
has sort of spontaneously happened with one wonderful little girl
whom became a ‘Water Brother’ just because…she’s awesome.  I will
talk about the Water Brother concept too.) So let’s take a look at
the dynamics and how this can happen:

First and foremost, a slave must understand the concept of a Water
Brother.  This comes from Robert

A. Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange
Land, which is a required read.  A Water Brother is one with whom
you share water. Water is the most fundamental and precious liquid
source of life.  It is full of the lifeforce energy that makes up
all of us — and is the common binding element that makes up 80% of
our bodies.   Sharing Water is a sacred ceremony where you
acknowledge that the oneness of your being with the other and vow to
honor that being for all time as part of your own being.  Jealousy
being Water Brothers makes as much sense as my arm being jealous of
my back during a back massage. The water that flows through all of
us binds us together and unites us. While we have different roles,
if you are a Water Brother, you are part of the flock, trusted and
looked after as well as having a duty to look after the others needs
as you look after your own.

A key concept here is giving up the notion of competition.  You can
never be in competition with a Water Brother as each Water Brother
brings strength to the whole.  My fingers don’t compete to type
this: they work together to type much faster than they could
individually while sharing the burden so each finger contributes
only a small share of the burden to accomplish a much grander task
of typing this sentence.

So when a new slave is welcomed into the household, the other slavesmust welcome her with their entire hearts, minds and bodies.  bound-girls-ballgag-kissShe is
a new sister and member of the family — she should be viewed a new
sex partner and a helping hand who will lighten the burden of
everyone while contributing her unique skills and energy to make
everyone’s life better.

Trust is paramount. Slave sisters are not permitted to lie nor

Trust is paramount. Slave sisters are not permitted to lie nor
deceive each other in any way.Love is king. Slave sisters will be instructed to love each other
and trained to open their hearts.

Devotion to their Master will be the unifying force. Whenever a
conflict should arise, it is the Master’s duty to smooth everything
over buy helping each slave open to the possibility of love with her
sister as a duty that is a part of serving their Master.

So a slave sister looks upon a new sister as a new wife for her.
She is every bit as important as a wife and she must tend to her
needs as a wife.  Of course I believe that people grow much closer
through sexual contact and orgasming together and so it is a duty of
each slave sister to cum with each other sister at least twice a
day.  Obviously, the more sisters there are, the greater a burden
this becomes and if my clan grows to a size that this becomes
impractical, I will devise a system where lovers are rotated.

So, with the tantric tradition of our bodies being energy first with
a huge energy center in our hearts, slave sisters will be instructed
on opening their hearts to one another — feeling the physical
sensation of love. This can be accomplished by using tantric energy exercises (lol, that’s a blog post all on it’s own) and through eye
gazing exercises to begin with.  Eye gazing is quite simple: Slaves
are arranged so they are standing and gazing into each other’s
eyes  Then I guide their minds with my voice (and using some
hypnosis…again, that’s another post but a damn powerful tool when
used by a responsible Master).  I guide them to look into each
other’s souls and see the vulnerabilities, the scared little girls,
looking at the parts that thought they could never be loved…so
they realize that deep down they are both wanting to be loved.
While constantly gazing into each other’s eyes, I have them open up
to each other, mentally showing the other the parts of themselves
that feel unworthy of love…and invite them to embrace each other
and love those parts. Sisters must love and accept their sisters
for all their faults and weaknesses as well as strengths.  If a
sister has a disability or sickness…the other girls are there to
help her.  Why? Because they are family now.

Slave sisters are trained and encouraged into a state of compersion
(see the polyamory post that discusses this). Compersion has been
likened to the opposite emotion of jealousy. If a sister sees 2
other sisters making love — she feels joy at their union: happy
that her lovers are finding joy in each other. If she wishes to join
in, she may and the other sisters will joyously accept her into the

As this process continues (and it is a process that takes some
time…new slave sisters can take to it like a fish to water or
struggle with it…and those that struggle must be lead by example
to break their old, selfish habits of limited love) a slave sister
becomes ever more confident in trusting her sisters completely —
and unlike many relationships, knows that her Master will punish her
for being small, petty and unsharing and that he will also guarantee
the loyalty and devotion of her sisters to her.  Traditional
relationships have no such guarantees and often suffer from fears as
one partner pulls away and the other pulls back fearful of being
hurt. This is simply not an option amongst slave sisters and so I
offer them an opportunity of loving freely and deeply without the
risk of being hurt.

Slave sisters also grow to appreciate that love making SHOULD
involve at least 3 people — or at least that is their preference.
It most definitely is mine as I find it more pleasurable to have
many hands caressing and yet there is a certain lack of pressure on
any one participant as it is a group activity now that benefits from
the energy that each person brings. Of course, the benefits also
include someone to get juice, lube, snacks or blankets — and to be
able to take small breaks with no pressure on that person as the
lovemaking continues uninterrupted. Instead of a girl suffering a
fear of performing badly….she now has a partner or two to help
her. And there is more eyes available to ensure that everyone’s
needs are taken care of.

I want to state clearly here that I don’t look at love-making with
multiple slaves from a purely selfish perspective of having multiple
girls to please me.  In actual fact, it’s a lot more work and
requires skill and empathy to do correctly — but a key is making
sure that the girls are enjoying themselves with each other. If they
are happy, that is the number one thing that makes me happy. Slaves
joyously loving each other and cumming with each other is my number
one goal.


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