Rope Cutters

A lot of BDSM advice, especially for rope and shibari recommends the use of EMS safety shears for emergency cutting of ropes.  These are designed for cutting quickly while keeping a flat, non-sharp part against the skin.  They are way better than regular scissors so don’t confuse them with normal scissors (which are not very good at cutting rope…especially in a hurry.)

You can get them here for $12

3rd Best Option
While these are good and pretty cheap, these are very far from the best.  The best would be either a Karambit emergency knife ( for about $50
2nd Best
Or a Benchmade Model 5 Emergency Tool for $75.00
The Best – get it.
The benchmade is my choice as the best for BDSM emergency cutting tool.  It’s small, easy to use and cuts rope extremely effectively.  It also comes with a handy little case that can be attached to the strap  of a rope bag  -which is really perfect as there is no digging around the bottom of your bag for it — and it is also clearly not a weapon so you can get it past the bouncer at BDSM events in clubs.
This handy little tool will cut ropes far faster than EMS shears: especially if you are using thicker rope.
One thing about this though…don’t use it for anything but emergency cutting — you want it as sharp as possible when seconds count.


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