Tantric Orgasm – a 3rd Chakra Orgasm

I do realize that these Tantric stories and posts are a completely different flavor to my usual BDSM posts but they are a significant (and awesome) part of my sexuality. If you don’t understand them…that’s fine. I’ll post more kinky

I was with Sandra, my girlfriend a many months. Sandra was a very lovely
Italian girl who was very tall and slim — probably 5’11 and 120lbs. I
don’t remember how old I was at the time but she had just turned 19. She
had a stunning face that was really quite beautiful although some
failed to see it do to her very punk look with crazy colored hair, face
piercings (and tongue, both nipples, belly, etc etc) — she was the kind of girl on whom tattoos didn’t look out of
place.  The only issue I had with her is, she had the huge natural,
perky D-cup boobs that had pierced nipples. These were completely wasted
on me — guy friends would congratulate me on her being stacked but
really, I was lucky they were so perfectly shaped making up[ for their

She was also pale as the snow on a winter field. I know it’s popular to
like tanned girls and skin — but


Nowhere near enough Manic Panic

damn, pale white skin is so damn
sexy.  Sandra was very pretty but also very intelligent too.  I kinda
feel bad about dumping her — but I was traveling to South America and
didn’t have the game nor wits to be honest and say, “There is no way I
will be faithful to you but damnit girl, I love you. Let’s talk about
poly.”     It would have been kinder to her as I broke the poor girl’s
heart.  Sandra, if you ever read this: I do love you and I broke up with
you simply to because of circumstances — I knew I couldn’t be faithful despite the fact you were awesome.  I also think I misread the breakup
— you were stunned: not accepting.  I was a fool and bear all
responsibility to the pain you suffered.  I honestly thought we were
cool…till I got back.

Anyhow, one time, I had my sweet Sandra in bed and was fucking her
tight, perfectly smooth waxed pussy. (Sandra never shaved…always going
for the Brazillian wax.) As I fucked her, I felt her energy…her
essence…and she was lovely and beautiful…a true Goddess and kinder
than I deserved.   I was overcome with all sorts of squishy emotions for
her and an orgasm began to rapidly build.

I felt the orgasm building in the regular spot: the middle of my
pelvis.  So, I did what I normally do and kept right on fucking! But
this time, something unusual occurred.  Just at the moment of orgasm,
when the 2nd chakra opens widely and lets everything flow…the energy
shot back into my pelvis and then lurched up my core and into my solar
plexus.  Then the orgasm burst forth from my solar plexus!

I started cumming really really hard. And anyone that knows me has little doubt of when I’m cumming.  Unfortunately, the same can be said for the neighbors.

But this orgasm had a completely different flavor and feel to it than a
regular sexual orgasm. It

felt…powerful. And good. Awesome even. But
it wasn’t the same feel. It was unmistakably an orgasm…but it was like
a raspberry orgasm when you normally cum chocolate.

The other extremely noticeable difference was….it didn’t stop. I mean…it just kept going and going.  I’m not saying it was a long orgasm like one that lasts a couple minutes.*   I mean, it was a completely self sustaining orgasm that powerfully went on and on like a massive pipe organ with a key taped down.

After a bit made note of the time.  Meanwhile, Sandra was looking at me a little perplexed. Normally this kind of a thing comes to an end. A wet and sticky end. This time…it was neither wet nor sticky…nor was it ending.

And it just kept on trucking.  Eventually, I was looking at the clock
and it reading was a full 10 minutes after I initially took note of it.
And I had an in-hindsight-totally-insane thought that, “nobody deserves
to feel this good for this long” and I consciously forced the orgasm to
shut down.  With some concentration, it subsided.  And Sandra said,
“Wow, what the fuck was that!?”

So the whole point of this is, this is an example of one kind of Tantric.  Specifically, it’s was a 3rd chakra orgasm. But many more types of orgasm are possible. You can cum through any of your 7 major chakras…as well as through minor ones too.  And…if sufficiently connected to your partner: you can cum through feeling her cum.   The orgasm I had with Sandra was not ‘connected’ with her…meaning I didn’t attach to her 3rd chakra — or I have no doubt she would have been cumming right along with me.  But the final note I’ll add here is: my goal is not to cum like this– my goal is to cum through all the chakras at the same time.

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