Tantric Sex (my first Experience)

I have yet to even mention Tantric Sex and since it’s a major component in my sex-life and existence as a spiritual-hedonist — I want to describe what my first experience was like. Don’t worry, I’ll explain the nuts and bolts about it later…but for now, I want to give you an idea of how I experience it (as I’ve seen some real crap in Cosmo on it…and other BS about Sting and it seems like this weird realm of oddities in the mass media that written by people who have no idea what they are talking about.

I will say this though…this is not a typical first.  Nor is any strong religious belief required — I remember hitting a girl who was a total atheist  with a mountain of 6th chakra energy.  She kept looking at me with her jaw agape saying, “This isn’t possible. I can’t be feeling this,” over and over.  She eventually concluded that I must have had some sort of battery operated implant in my forehead. The point is, she had no supporting belief system and still felt it.

So here goes: my first Tantric experience — and you may find it explains a bit about why it comes naturally to me.



Not as pretty nor as angelic. Also, she tended to get
off on wearing outfits she’d wear at a party = no clear heels

I went to the wedding a couple that I was friends with when I saw this girl there.  I took one look at her and I was drawn to her like
a magnet.  She was drop dead gorgeous and super hot… which may have had something to do with it.   (She later made a ridiculous
amount of money as a feature dancer touring around as an Erotic Dancer… once saying to me, “I need a new car so I’m going to have to work every day this week.”  But that is totally another story.)
Anyhow, as I have a habit of always talking to the prettiest girl at
a party, I made a beeline to her.  Yet something was very special
about her that I couldn’t put my finger on so I introduced myself to
Carli and we instantly hit it off.

Carli and I  were swept up with each other and I ended up spending
most of the night talking to her (and trying to avoid other friends
trying to high five me because, quite honestly, that’s the opposite
of helping!)    Now unfortunately, she was living in a completely
different city so when that sleepless damn came, we made plans for
her to come visit me.

When Carli did arrive, my housemate was sooooo not pleased with her
showing up as she could see I was obviously smitten.  So, after some
deft cock-blocking-avoidance, I managed to Carli up to my room to
show her…I have no idea what excuse I invented …as my real
intention was to show her my bed as so that’s all I can remember.

I moved my face closer to Carli’s so our noses were an inch or so
apart and the tingling got much more intense.  As I got
close to her, it was as if a Hitachi Magic Wand was buzzing on my
forehead on high.  We instinctively lined our faces up and as we
gazed into each other’s eyes -SNAP! Our throats now plugged into
each other.  It was as solid a connection as sticking a plug into a
socket — it just slid in and connected together.

Now we were attached at our foreheads and our throats.   She was
still sitting on the bed and I was hovering over her, kinda stuck
connected to her so I moved closer  — and SNAP!  The next
connection was our hearts. Carli and I slid back into a more
horizontal position as I got on top of her — and SNAP, SNAP! My
stomach and pelvis plugged into her as well.

I was now laying on top of her, gazing into her eyes while fully
connected to her at the forehead, throat, heart, stomach and pelvis.  We were connected and had spontaneously plugged out 2nd to 6th chakras together.  I want to say again that this happened without any intention whatsoever and actually completely interrupted our conversation.  And now we were energetically intertwined. I had never before in my life experienced anything like this.  I could feel
her heart beating and the blood flowing through her veins.  In truth, I could feel everything about her body more clearly
than I can feel my body as type this.

So Carli was sitting on my bed and I was showing her ‘something’
when quite suddenly and unexpectedly, my forehead latched onto hers
and snapped into place. I don’t mean literally, but at the time, I  had little experience with it and didn’t really know what was going
on.  But there was an immense amount of tingling coming from the middle of my forehead and this tingling lunged out and connected with the centre of Carli’s forehead. I literally dropped the object
I was showing her and stopped speaking mid-sentence as an energetic part of me ‘clicked’ into her.  It was like a solid and palpable click when we connected.

The feeling engulfing my body was pure ecstasy.  A comfortable, effortless bliss. In all honesty, it was a communion with my beloved — a coming home — and I was oddly coherent and not screaming and convulsing as often happens with me…this was just…peace.

I gazed lovingly into her eyes…and I do mean lovingly: my heart
was so open towards her.  I gazed

I am you and you are me I see

into my love’s eyes and
appreciated the stunning beauty of her face as I felt large amounts
of energy flow through us.  Time literally stood still. I have no
idea how long we stayed like that with me on top of her: it could
have been 30seconds or it could have been 3 hours. Time ceased to
have meaning.   And as I appreciated the beauty of her face I felt
as if I’d known her all my life and that I knew everything about

At some point I noticed something odd: Carli, the blonde-haired,
blue-eyed beauty that I knew, now had long black hair and an Asian
face. And odder still, I totally recognized that face. Her
face was so familiar to me that I’d failed to noticed that she was
Asian for a considerable time. But as I gazed at her, I knew that knew
her…more strongly than the sense I initally had of knowing
Carli when I met her at the wedding.  This Asian girl I knew.  
As in, she was my sacred lover and we definitely had a strong past
together.  The energy swirled around and flowed in and out of each
other, merging so thoroughly that describing us as two beings seems

When we finally ‘came out of it’ and could speak again, Carli looked
at me in wonder and said, ” We’ve done that before!”  I could only
agree — despite the fact that this was the 2nd time we had met.  Of
course, I saw Carli now as a blonde and everything had pretty much
returned to normal — though the only words spoken thus far were,
“We’ve done that before,” and my, “mmmmhmm.”  Then Carli said
something to me that served to confirm the experience, “I saw you
but…you were Asian.” My jaw dropped. Yes, what had happened was
not all in my head: she had seen it too.

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