Waking up with Ashlie

cute-sleeping-girlI woke up with my little girl beside me. She’s a tiny little thing and I have to admit, I just looked at her flat stomach, protruding hip bones and tiny tits as she slept and I decided that I had to fuck her.

I lubed up my hard cock…being hard around her has never been a problem…in fact, it happens spontaneously all the time.

She woke up as my cock entered her ass and sleepily smiled at me, “Master, I’m so glad you’re using my ass instead of masturbating. You should never need to touch yourself when I am here.”

*Sigh* Yeah, that’s why I love Ashlie…she’s the perfect whore.  And goddamn…it’s kinda nice
knowing that I’m inside a girl that lots of other guys have jerked off too via her fetish work and being in fetish books and stuff.

But part of me just wants to lean over and eat her sexy brain.

Then again, her perverse mind is definitely amplified by her tight ass. Damn, if it’s not the best thing in the world to have a girl that really prefers it in the ass. <3

Fucking her, she gets into dirty talk mode right away — I think this little slut tries to make me cum with her words way more than her mouth.  😉  She’s talking about how she wants to be fucked in the ass, just like this, but have a certain Japanese girl we both know and love….her bare pussy in her mouth. More than that…she’d really really love to have her piss in her mouth so she’d have something delicious to swallow. Of course, she’d save some in her mouth for a wet kiss back to her girl.

It’s kinda hard to be looking down at a very thin girl with a perfectly flat belly, perky little tits and gorgeous face who is saying shit like that while you fuck her ass…and not cum. But I managed it for a bit: which only gave her the chance to spew more foul details for her dirty little mind.assfucking-by-the-window

Sliding in and out of her tight little butthole, she’s moaning while saying, “After passing her own piss back to her in a kiss, she gets so turned on she starts sticking fingers in me. First she puts in 2 fingers, then 3. Then 4 and I start to moan, ooooh! MORE please! I’m so wet that she can put her whole fist up my bare little cunt and you feel her hand clearly on your cock as you slide in and out of my ass. It feels so fucking good.  The only thing that would be better is if she was squirting in my mouth.  Master, can I force her to squirt in my mouth for you please?”

I’m approaching the edge and slap her face roughly, “Yes, make her squirt for me. Force her to cum. Force an orgasm out of her so she squirts in your mouth!”

“Yes Master! I put my fingers in her and start doing the cum hither motion to make this little girl squirt for us. She starts rocking her hips and I know her bare little pussy is gonna look soooo good squirting out her liquid cum! I can’t wait to taste it!”

I’m fighting back the orgasm as I’m slamming roughly into Ashlie’s sweet little ass…sweating as I walk the edge of orgasm.

“Oh Master…please cum in my ass so she can drink it out of my ass? I won’t swallow her squirt till I put it up her ass so I have an ass beverage too! Can I put the funnel up her ass so I can transfer her female ejaculation into her ass so it’s suitable for swallowing? I need to milk her and mix it with her ass energy and drink it!  Please Master, can I do that? Then we can each have an ass drink? Me drinking her cum out of her ass as she drinks your cum  out of my ass! Please show me I’ve been a good little slut and cum in my ass so she can drink–” OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHhot-brunette-relaxing-in-bed

I starting cumming like crazy! Filling her ass with my seed as I grab her squeeze her really tight.  I keep thrusting and pumping in and out of her ass as I cum and cum.

I bite her neck and say, “You are such a good little slut!”

And that was how I started my day 😉

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