10 Things a Dom/Domme Should Remember

  1. Your submissive’s well being and health must always be priority
  2. Cuddles heal power
  3. She is more fragile than you think. You can make her stronger with tender love.
  4. You must establish trust with your slave before you attempt to order her around.
  5. Be humble. Being a loud and cocky bastard is unappealing
  6. Always communicate your desires and allow her frequent opportunities to tell you what’s on her mind.
  7. You always have more to learn. Part of your job is to learn constantly.
  8. If you are inexperienced at something, say so. She has a right to know — and knowing may have her speak up before she gets accidentally hurt.
  9. Alcohol should not be part of your scene. Alcohol impairs you judgement and puts your sub at risk.  So stick to more straightforward fucking when drunk.
  10. Aftercare is important. Check in with her often as her emotional state is your responsibility. Appreciate her for all she’s given you.

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