Compassion Meditation

As I said in a recent post on making slaves the best and happiest people they can be — the responsibility of the Dom is to care for the mental well being of the slave: leaving her better than you found her.

And the readings I’ve on on the Vargus nerve and it’s ability to have dramatic health and emotional effects that are easily measurable.  The scientists that have studied this are flocking to new-agey like practices such as compassion meditiation as it is extremely effective.
So I want my slaves to do this so their hearts are light, they are worry free, happy and healthy. So, sorry girls, you have another daily practice. 😉
Here you go:
  • Sit in a comfortable position and start taking a series of deep breaths until you start to feel yourself relax
  • Close you eyes
  • Think of someone that you care about.  Visualize his/her face. Recall their smell, the way they feel or repeat their name…whatever helps bring them clearly into your thoughts.
  • Say the following while feeling it  about the loved one:
      • May you be held in compassion
      • May you be happy and healthy
      • May you have all that you require
      • May your heart be light
  • Repeat this over and over in your head while thinking of your beloved for 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes, shift this to being compassionate for yourself:
      • May I be held in compassion
      • May I be happy and healthy
      • May I have all that I require
      • May my heart be light
  • Repeat this self-compassion for 3 minutes or so.
  • Shift now to someone you find more difficult –be kind and generous to them in your thoughts
  • Repeat for the new person for 2 minutes
  • Turn your attention now to someone you barely know:  a customer, a checkout clerk, a bus driver or server and use the compassion mantra above.
  • Finally, offer compassion for everything:
      • May all living things be held in compassion
      • May all beings be happy and healthy
      • May all forms of life have all they require
      • May all hearts be light

Do this every day. It takes just 15 minutes but the health benefits and the change in you after a month are astounding.  A scientist could tell if you topless-brunette-prettyhad done it or not by simply looking at your pulse.  Or from your brainwaves. There will be easily to spot changes in the amounts of stress hormones in your blood. They can also measure increases in skin elasticity after just one month of mental activity. And from the amount of blood flowing in your vargus nerve.

And this will also have a massive impact on your energy levels and stressful feelings will melt away. Your sick days will plummet and yes, it even can put cancer in remission.   This is not some airy-fairy new age flakey hopefulness…this is hard science. So do it. For me…and for yourself. Do it everyday –for a month for starters.
I love you…and this is important to me. So do eeeet!

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