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An enema is the practice of squirting water up someone ass in order to clean it out inside — as well as for humiliation or for roleplaying doctor/patient and to make the ass nice and clean for anal sex.

I gotta admit, I’m kinda pissed at Blogger for deleting my original post on this and replacing it with some other crap that was copied. The warning was, “all unsaved changes will be lost” so I clicked ok because I didn’t want it saved. Anyway, it lost a brilliant, highly detailed and funny post on enemas. And I don’t have the energy to redo it as well (the safety section especially…hope I don’t forget anything.)
Ok, so enemas involve putting fluids up your slave’s ass. Personally, I use water and milk mainly — about 1 litre at a time.  It’s inserted into the anus via an enema bag and gravity. There is no need to use anything but gravity to get it in.
You will need an enema bag which is basically a standard red hot water bottle. Then you need the Enemas 2enema hose which screws in to where the cap of the water bottle. This has a clamp on it (which controls the flow of water) and has a nozzel at the end which goes into the anus. (The nozzle should be nice an smooth.)
Then you will need liquid to insert. About 1 litre of warm water (30C-35C). You can go up to 40C but no more — and she will need to expel hot water far sooner.
After that, you’ll need some lube to put on the nozzle so it slides in and out easily. If you’re going to be repeating the enemas a bunch, have some salt handy.
How to Give an Enema
Once you have you the enema bag loaded with warm water and the nozzle lubed, hang the bag up on a hook above your slave. The recommended position is laying on her left side (so the water flows easily deep into her. Of course, you can also put her in a variety of positions from kneeling, all fours and on her stomach with her ass in the air. Do not invert you slave and give her an enema however.
The area where you give the enema should be waterproof/easy to clean and near a toilet. VERY NEAR.
Release the clamp till water flows out — this is to clear any air bubble out of the line –then clamp it again. If you don’t do this…hope you think farts are sexy.  Now you are ready to insert the *lubed* nozzle into her ass.
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Some nozzles are better than others 😉
Now release the clamp and let the water flow in. You may need to wiggle the nozzle around a bit so it’s not up against a bowel wall and therefore blocking the water flow.
You can watch the bottle get smaller as it drains out into her. She may suddenly feel the need to expel the fluid an will *have* to run to the toilet. If this happens, stay out of her way and clamp the tube shut as it will spray water everywhere.
She may want to sit on the toilet and expel for awhile. Like 5 minutes or more. Fair warning: the stuff coming out of her is from deep inside her bowels and may stink. Personally, I like to flee for this part because I don’t like my eyes watering.
All this said, if it’s your first enema, I wouldn’t recommend doing it as part of a scene till you know what to expect.

While she is expelling, you can reload the enema bag with warm water. Add a tablespoon of salt to the bag to prevent her from becoming hyper-hydrated. (Salt slows water absorption through the bowels.)  Be sure to test the water temperature on your inner forearm to make sure it’s not to hot or cold.
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Then, basically rinse an repeat. Do it more till the fluid she expels runs clear.
Soap -To help clean her out you can use a tiny bit of soap at first (though I have no real life experience with this so look it up)
Oil – a small amount of oil (eg. a 1/2 pint of castor oil) or olive oil inserted and held for 20 minutes before the enema can help clean her out well.
Water — the fluid of choice.
Salt Water – great for repeated enemas for thorough cleaning without hyper-hydrating her
Milk – after she’s had several enemas an is all cleaned out — milk can be a real sexy thing to play with and even force your slave to drink. 😉 Of course there may be some health risks with this but I choose to ignore them and haven’t had an issue ever. Also, milk is nice as it covers up any unsightly brown colors or tastes an seems nice like just milk.
Fun with Enemas
Of course, enemas can be a humiliating experience they force the slave into a position of no bowel control. They are great for medical play scenes. They can intensify scenes with bondage. And the use of enemas can also have lots of perverse applications involving grossing slaves out with expelling the enema fluids onto each other, onto themselves, and …into mouths *evil grin*
There is a lot of safety issues with enemas and though it isn’t particularly dangerous if done correctly, it can be dangerous if done wrong. So here are the things to avoid. And I like how all of these safety precautions end.
1) NEVER USE ALCOHOL. Booze is absorbed super fast through the bowel…far faster than drinking it. So 3 shots in the butt will be absorbed far faster than chugging them. I’ve seen some people do wine enemas and go from sober to puking drunk in a few short minutes. It’s too hard to control and the potential for severe alcohol poisoning is enormous. Remember, your body doesn’t have a chance to puke to save itself and it hits faster than that. So do not use alcohol ever. (If you absolutely must [you don’t!] only use a very small amount like 1 oz. at a time.)  Using alcohol and especially hard alcohol in an enema can be fatal.
2) DO NOT OVERFILL –  1 Litre is a good amount to fill her. 3 litres will cause intense amounts of bad pain and put your slave into a miserable mood where she hates life. Even if she’s a pain slut. Using too much fluid can also cause internal injuries (I’m not convinced 3 litres didn’t cause internal damage when I tried it but she was fucked up for hours and I don’t think we ended up having sex at all that day.)   Additionally, too much water being absorbed can cause swelling in the brain which can be fatal.
3) DO NOT USE ICY WATER – Cold water will cause cramps which will suck for her. But very cold water or ice water can lower her core temperature and cause hypothermia and even death.
4) DO NOT USE HOT WATER – Hot water will make her want to expel right away before she’s full.  But water that is too hot can scald — and the bowels have few nerves and worse, it takes awhile to push the hot water out cause serious internal injuries. These internal burns can be extremely serious and considering the environment, can easily get badly infected and worse…infected in areas you can easily see –both of which can be fatal.
5) DO NOT DO PRESSURIZED OR INVERTED ENEMAS – Inverting puts extra pressure that can be too much…just as pressurizing or pumping the enema into your slave — and this is dangerous as it can cause internal injuries as well as over hydration which can cause swelling in the brain which can be fatal.

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