Under the Bed Restraint System


Under the Bed Restraint System 1

The under the bead restraint system is a set of bondage straps that goes underneath the bed with cuffs for both wrists and ankles that come up from under the mattress.  

The advantage of this system is it is fast and easy to turn any bed into a bondage haven — even if the bed doesn’t have a frame or hooks.  (Now, of course, I have no idea why you would ever consider purchasing a bed without a frame with nice tie points on it…but maybe you were given the bed for free??)   Regardless, this system solves the issue of no suitable tie-points on a bed frame.  Oh, and it also works great for hotels! Many hotel beds suck and lack a frame entirely.  With this system, you can quickly setup the straps in about 7 minutes and you’re good to go.  

If you are all eager, you can buy the underbed restraint system here.

The system itself consists of 2 wrist cuffs jointed to an adjustable length central strap which joins to the 2 ankle cuffs.  Each strap is adjustable and once it is setup for the bed — and the sub — it can remain in place under the bed without interfering with anything.  The straps will 

Under the Bed Restraint System 2have to be reset for each sub unless the subs are the same size.  

I first used this with a sub who wanted to be able to play at her place but had her parents come over and visit often and worse, had a bed that was totally flat with no headboard or possible tie points.  I wanted to have something set up so I could easily restrain her whenever I wanted so we simply put a skirt around the bed (a bed skirt? I don’t really know what it’s called) and so it completely hid the restraints when they were not in use. 

What I liked about the system is it was fast, highly portable and effective.  Because the arms are attached to the ankles via the underbed central strap, when the sub struggles and pulls with their wrists, it pulls directly on their ankles in the opposite direction — so they can’t get free.  So pulling up with your feet causes your arms to be pulled back over your head.  I also liked the price — as I bought this for about $60-$70 (it was about 3 years ago.)
What I didn’t like was the cuffs were made of velcro and nylon webbing — so it lacked a Under the Bed Restraint System 3certain something compared with my preference, leather. This will no doubt cause some issues with durability — but the set I have seems to be holding up fine (but I use leather far more frequently so it’s hard to say exactly how long they’ll last but they don’t seem super flimsy or anything.) Also, the cuffs are a bit on the large side (so Dommes, this is perfect) but for little female subs with tiny wrists, they may be able to slip their wrists out of it.
The hardest past with an under the bed restraint system is getting the central strap under the bed.  You have to lift the mattress up  and on it’s side in order to lay the central strap down on top of the box spring, in the middle of the bed and an equal distance from both ends.   From here, adjust the length of the central strap so it doesn’t stick out too far from the ends — look at the length of the ends with the wrist and ankles cuffs on it and imagine them wrapped around the mattress and reaching your sub. Keep in mind there are adjustments on the ankle or wrist straps so you adjust the length a bit — but you have to get the under the bed part roughly right.  I say this because if you get it wrong, you have to lift the mattress up and off again — which is a pain in the ass.
ImageOnce you lay the mattress down, have your sub lay on top of the bed and adjust the lengths so they are tightly confined. From here, you can simply undo the cuffs themselves to release them without ever requiring adjustment again.
If need be, you can stuff the wrist and/or ankle cuffs under the mattress when not in use and no one will be the wiser.  Another bonus to this system is you can take the sheets off and wash them without interfering with restraints or having to reset them.
Finally, here’s some TIPS
1) for the sub:
Just before you cum, flex your stomach and thighs by pulling against your restraints. Pull and flex until you start cumming and when you do, your fatigued muscles will contract — giving you a much more intense orgasm

2) Tip for the Tops: 
Make your sub perform the above tip 😉You can purchase on version of it here for just $40.00


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