More than just sex slaves

We function better in a state of empathy and love than we do in state of separation. And my goal, as Master is to create conditions to elevate my slaves to the highest state.

I’ve done a lot of soul searching in the past week and I’ve been thinking of how and why I want to be a Master — and it really doesn’t come from a place of lack…it comes from a place of love and generosity.  And so, to be the best man that I can be, I have decided to rethink being a Dom and rethink how I can make my slaves the happiest and most fulfilled slaves possible.

One beautiful element that has always resonated with me about slaves is removing them for the capitalist dogma that has infected the entirety of Western civilization. There is a most negative state of affairs in the world that trickles down from several core concepts: that greed is good, that the more stuff /wealth you have the happier you will be, that the strongest competitors are the best people and that we live in a world of survival of the fittest.

Yet I believe these are the cause of so much sickness and unhappiness in the world.  If you ever read Darwin’s The Descent of Man  you will find that Darwin barely mentions survival of the fittest. Instead, he talks about man’s strongest evolutionary advantage being co-operation and talks frequently about love. Meanwhile study after study shows that true happiness has no correlation with wealth above meeting your basic needs of food and shelter. None. The rich are no happier than the lower middle class. But what does make you happy? I’ve been studying that? Why? Because I want truly happy slaves. It’s not about suppression…it’s about consensual joy.

A phrase “Follow the path with heart” resonated so strongly with me since I first heard it years ago — it is the way to make decisions. If I can lead my slaves to focus not on material things but love, compassion, cooperation and kindness…then I will have succeeded as a human being.

I want to make 2 t-shirts. One will say,  “Follow the path with Heart” and the other will say “Free Hugs.” Nay, I will make many free hug shirts so I can wear it every day of the week (different colours, of course.)

Ok, so how does this affect a BDSM relationship? I’m still figuring that out. But I want to make this a core value…my mission.

Slave shall be:
1) Removed from the wealth accumulation game
2) Put in situations where they can share and socialize
3) Be guided to be healthy in both body and mind
4) The slave shall have creative outlets to satisfy and fulfill her on every level

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