Multi-Orgasmic Men

Here’s a topic that I’ve been fond of since I was around 16 or so: being multi-orgasmic.  I’m not going to lie to you though…I’ve explained this to a bunch of other guys and none have come back with the same results so I can only tell you about what works for me.  And I think it has to do with having a really strong PC muscle and also a strong will.

So guys can be multi-orgasmic. I know this with certainty because I am. The key is simple — all you have to do is separate the ejaculation from the orgasm. If you cum and squirt — you will quickly lose your erection and desire if you are not around 13-16 years old.  You may even want to fall asleep (in truth, the chemicals released by most male orgasms are 7x more potent than Valium…so girls, don’t blame the guys here they are being pummeled with a massive dose of short acting sedatives.) But again, the key is having an orgasm without squirting cum everywhere.

But how the hell do you orgasm without ejaculating??? It’s actually pretty easy — in principle. It does depend partially on how strong your will is and secondly to how strong your PC muscle is.  Let’s start with the PC muscle.

The PC or Pubococcygeus muscle is the muscle right under your taint (between your balls and your ass.) Of course, girls also have a PC muscle despite their notable lack of balls. But since this is post on multi-orgasmic men…meh. I’ll do a post for the ladies later — especially since it relates to my most favorite topic for female ejaculation and making girls squirt when they cum.  So the first thing you have to know is the Pubococcygeus muscle is really really difficult to pronounce and I will only ever say PC muscle and if you insist, I’ll point to the word because I don’t know how to say it. Secondly, you use it all the time to cut off the flow of urine. Squeeze it and it stops you from peeing — and also is the muscle that forces the remaining pee out of your cock and into your slave, er, I mean toilet.

So my muscle has always been really strong so I can really associate with not being able to flex it. I

can squeeze mine as easily as I can squeeze my hand — and you should too. I’ve explained this to friends and they seem to want to squeeze their stomach or thigh muscles but…that’s not where it is (squeezing your thighs or stomach is like flexing your bicep to squeeze your hand. They are sorta related I guess — but that’s a whole ton of extra effort that is misguided.)

One for the ladies

Hmmm….there are exercises you can do to strengthen your PC muscle and I will do another post on these (I really should make a list of the posts I say I will do!!)  and you will need a strong PC muscle in order to hold back the ejaculate. What I do is as I am approaching orgasm, I squeeze the living-fuck out of the PC muscle and hold it for about 10-15 seconds to stop the ejaculate from coming out. It really helps to not move much or have massive stimulation to your cock as this is going on– especially as you are learning.

You gotta be a boss.

The other key component, as I mentioned before, is will. Will is required by the truckload to keep yourself from ejaculating.  Why? Because the urge to ejaculate is massive. It feels fucking wonderful and every aspect of your body is doing all it can to make this happen.  So you are going to have to be strong.  If you let up and relax the muscle at all, you will squirt. And what does that mean? Less pleasure for you in the long run. But the orgasm while clenching the PC muscle is just as intense as the one while ejaculating. It’s the same orgasm, just one is accompanied by some white liquid exiting your penis.

So you have to have the will power to resist the temptation to ejaculate and the muscle strength to actually hold it back.  Both of these are apparently pretty hard to have according to friends. Some have reported that they squeezed as hard as possible and still shot their load.  Others said they could hold it off for a few seconds and then it came out.  But none have said, ‘nailed it!”

It is bar far easiest to practice this while masturbating. Get used to doing it by yourself before trying while fucking — as that will be harder.  The pussy was designed to suck cum out of you — yes, you have been warned.

But the benefits of this are massive:
1) you do not lose your hard on — or at least can get hard again really really quickly.
2) you can cum again and again
3) see #2

So to become multi-orgasmic, simply:
a) exercise the PC muscle often (daily)
b) squeeze it as tightly as possible when orgasming
c) limit stimulation to the penis during orgasm
d) practice while masturbating.

I think that’s about it. Pretty simple really. I am basing this whole article entirely on my own experience and didn’t research a damn thing except I googled “pubococcygeus” and “vas deferens” for spelling.

While being able to prevent yourself from ejaculating is good, you will still ‘leak’ semen — especially for round 2 and beyond. This means that while it is significantly better than ejaculating inside her…this by no means is an effective method of birth control.  If totally successful you still will leak live sperm into her and can impregnate her. In fact, the ones that ‘leak out’ are by far the most dangerous!  Those are like the advance troops…special ops sperm that are the elite of your boys: the sperm special forces. They go in first, behind enemy lines, well in advance of the regular army and are all trained to get the job done.

Note: I’m not making that up. Read Sperm Wars. Sperm have different roles from blockers and killers to deal with enemy sperm to the leaky guys who are the fastest and most virile swimmers.

Secondly: If you practice this without tantric techniques to reabsorb the sperm and energy, it’s best
to actually ejaculate at the end. Otherwise it is possible to end up with  varicosed vas deferens from repeated ejaculating into the vas deferens without giving it a place to go and keeping it there (this can happen by only holding it part way back.) But ejaculation cleans the whole system out and will be totally fine…it’s just a build up of several days that’s a real problem.


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