PC Muscle Exercises for Men

I previously did a post on multi-orgasmic men as I myself am
multi-orgasmic. I’m not really sure how common it is for men but I think it’s an achievable goal for most men. In the prior post I
explain exactly how to have multiple orgasms but a really strong PC muscle is key. So this post will give men several exercises to strengthen your PC muscle.

A) When you are peeing,  stop the flow of pee entirely by flexing
the muscle. Then start again and cut of the flow again. Aim to start
and stop the flow 10 times each and every time you pee. This
exercise will get you familiar with the feel of flexing the muscle
so you gain control over it at will.

B) Now that you’ve got some control over the muscle, try pushing out
your pee and as soon as it starts, stop it immediately with your PC
muscle. Then repeat as many times as you can until you are out of

C) Laying down, flex you PC muscle 50 times in rapid succession. 
Repeat daily.

D) During the day, flex your PC muscle 50 times in various positions while standing, walking, sitting and laying down. Do 50 reps once
per day in each position.

E) Once you’ve Mastered exercise C & D, repeat them but this time make each squeeze as hard as you can for 5 seconds before relaxing. Do 3 sets of 50.

F) Now it’s time to practice with a hard on. So get hard.  Then practice squeezing repeatedly as you masturbate, doing this as often as you can.  Notice how your dick moves when you flex.

G) Flex the PC muscle and hold it while hard and push down towards your feet to resist it. Actually, a better start might be simply holding you hand above your dick and flexing so that your head hits the palm of your hand. Once you can do that easily, move on to pushing down to resist the upwards movement — making it harder for you. Each time, flex and squeeze as hard as you can for several seconds.

H) Now add weights.  Sling a towel over your hard cock and practice
flexing upwards and holding it.  Do 3 sets of 50 reps.

I) Once you’ve mastered exercise H, try it with a wet towel (or
partially wet towel…whatever you can lift.)

J) Now as you masturbate to be hard…try flexing and squeezing as
hard as fucking possible for as long as you can hold it. Squeeze as
if your life depended on it. Then relax and then repeat. Try to hold
it tight for as long as you possibly can before relaxing. Wait
several seconds resting before flexing again.

These are the muscles you squeeze and see how
flexing them cut off the semen flow

K) Now you may be ready for the ultimate test of your willpower and
abilities. You’ve been flexing and will take
willpower.  Boatloads of it. Otherwise…you’ll be coming boatloads.
You will probably find it easiest to not touch yourself at all
during your orgasm to make easier to hold back at first. With
time…you can keep going…and going…and going.
exercising now for at least a
month or two…so try squeezing as hard as you possibly can for as
long as you can WHILE you orgasm. The idea here is to stop the
ejaculate entirely.  You will cum…just as hard too…but the idea
is to have an orgasm without ejaculating.  This

Note: And fair warning…if you give up and let go at the wrong time
it can completely kill your orgasm while you dribble out a
completely unsatisfactory ejaculation that pretty much blows. So
hold it all the way or you risk blowing your load without the

Now personally, I prefer to cum and take a small break then go at it
again with fresh energy…but if you don’t ejaculate the refractory
period (the time between orgasm and your next orgasm drops
from…zero if you keep going or about 3-5min if you stop for a bit.
So yeah, there’s that 😉  If you want to become multi-orgasmic.

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